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I had teeth pulled and got dentures.ms.hear(iwont call her doctor)was very rough.she left a bruise on my chin from holding my face to pull teeth did not talk to me but to her nurse about private life.i had bone fragments left which I was told would come out on their own.the dentures are horrible couldnot wearfor 2 months.lived on soup.went back every other week .this was in December im still going to get adjustments.wearing these dentures is like torture. see a different person every time.some will dismiss what you say like you donot know what your talking about.i had to borrow money for this mess and now im stuck and the the dentures look ugly and cheap looking.i paid for the classic dentures but they look cheap and dingy looking.dont go to this place they had good reviews in Morganton,n.c. must have paid someone to write them.also they dontgive you gas or pain medicine.save your money and go to a good dentist.

Location: Asheville, North Carolina

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Online reviews can be doctored. That it is why it is best to talk to REAL PEOPLE about which dentists are competent and honest.

Did you not have any neighbors, church members, or coworkers you could ask for recommendations of dentists? Some patients, especially light-skinned females, tend to bruise easily with extractions. It is just a fact. Of course you see a different dentist each time.

Aspen is the single worst place in the US to get dental care. No reputable dentist works there for long. Dentists and hygienists come and go at A$pen likes flies. on a fresh dog turd.

You made a huge mistake extracting all your teeth, and an even bigger mistake going to a corporate joint like Aspen to do it. At Aspen you pay New York prices for 3rd world dentistry.

Someone has to pay for the high-priced TV advertising. That would be people like you.

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