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I am waiting on an oral surgery for a friend at the WDM office in Des Moines Iowa. I will be waiting in your office 1-2 hours.

I thought I could get office work done remotely but there is no wifi. Please make the waiting experience more friendly.

You certainly do not seem like a professional office. I have been to several dr offices and they provide some basic services such as wifi for patients and family members waiting on patients.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Wi-Fi Facility.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hope your friend has his life insurance paid up, if A$pen *** are doing surgery on him.


Of all the things to worry about using A$pen corporate clown club clinics, the LEAST is whether they have free Wi-Fi or not!

Wi-Fi offers hackers a possible portal to enter the practice computer network and steal patient identities. For that reason, a lot of dentists, including myself, do not offer Wi-Fi in our practices.


We do offer WiFi for your information. The code is given to our patients who have already paid at the door.

Sign for your credit card bill and WiFi is free for you at every visit!

Please use it to visit and read about our awesome treatment scams. Thanks,

Ashley @AspenDental


Are you kidding me! You only give them 2 stars because they do not have WiFi!

You should be ashamed of yourself for giving them that low of a rating for such a ridiculous reason! What an entitlement attitude we have!

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