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The immediate denture never fit, even after a reline so I ended up without teeth for the six month wait for comfilyte. Went back in June got fitted for comfilyte, received them 6/ 28/19.

Not only did they not fit but the tech did not use the teeth that were chosen and matched to my bottom teeth. The $1200. comfilyte was a mess. I would not keep them.

After a back and forth word battle they agreed to redo the comfilyte. I went back to be refitted and get new set in 7/19. The fit was worse than the other. Here it is Sept 2019, I have 3 sets of teeth which none fit!

Now they never answer the phone when I call. I live an hour away from the Oxford Al office. I have been up there atleast 12 or 13 trips since Jan 2019. They have also billed me for things that they have been paid for by my insurance and also billed my insurance and were paid for services that I outright did not receive.

I am pissed and frustrated! Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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So your temporary denture did not fit, and the expensive ComfyJunk denture did not fit, either. Well I'll be a money's uncle!

A *** corporate chain clinic staffed with dentists right out of school can't make dentures. Reading these reviews, one would say it is a pattern! Bad mistake you made letting some goofballs at a chain clinic talk you into ripping all the teeth out of your skull. Now it might cost you 40 grand to replace them with implants.

If you let them try 10 times more to make a wearable denture they could not do it. Try and get any refund you can, then high-tail it to an experienced, independent dentist in private practice.


Looks like the junk denture they made for me. Cheap and ugly.

The front teeth looked like horse teeth.

People kept trying to put a saddle on me and ride me around. Ugly as ***