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I have been waiting to review the Aspen Dental in Crossville, TN until all services were rendered and complete but have decided that if I can save on person from going through this nightmare I should review immediately! 1st we were schedule to be there on there first day of opening then Covid hit we were told that we would be first to be called when re-opened, nope, notta single call?

We finally got appointments and were given only 2 options with one being very expensive, implants way out of our budget! My wife and I were on the same schedule until she had to cancel due to illness (not Covid) so I went through the removal of my bottom teeth (tops were removed years ago) which has been very hard on me, mentally and physically and although the entire staff are pleasant they have no idea just how dramatic an experience it is for individual! After surger y they slap in your new teeth and send you home to be seen again in three weeks but the new dentures hurt very bad so had to get in quick and their idea for quick was 7 days so that meant not being able to use dentures for 7 days, and now 4 trips and one month later still do not have dentures that do not hurt? I have been back 4 times with an average wait time of 1hr with an appointment mind you?

The last appointment first of all could not get into parking lot due to a car pulling trailer blocking entrance? When I got inside there was a line to check in and no empty chairs in waiting room and three people not wearing masks? I spoke with a woman briefly that said she made appointment for extraction that they had no record of? I got to receptionist and asked how far behind they were and got an eye roll, so said I would reschedule and yes she gave me a date 7 days out and that is seven more days without dentures and being able to eat.

Now we will discuss the way they humiliate people in the front lobby with receptionist taking payments, for one I was never told to bring in and pay 100% of bill on day of surgery, secondly after the fact all of the services quoted were not performed and if I would have paid up front I would have over paid? I saw a poor elderly lady come and was absolutely humiliated in front of everybody, she had thought she had paid for services in full prior and did not understand how she owed more money.

I am sorry but take care of this in private and not in the main lobby where the patient is embarrassed! Again the staff is nice and friendly but have no clue on what their patients are going through!

User's recommendation: I would find someplace else to go in Crossville, TN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Service.

Aspen Dental Pros: Were so very friendly.

Aspen Dental Cons: Everything else.

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You should have known that they would want you to bring money. Duh.

Your lack of preparation does not equal someone else's negligence. I have read a lot of negative reviews about Aspen Dental on this forum from many parts of the country ; they are a corporation not a dental office.

They apparently do not employ the brightest bulbs in the business and don't extend credit for service performed. Find a local dentist who owns his own practice, work out any payment plan in advance of service if you can't pay up that day.


They extend credit all right- through loan sharks with predatory rates. But the most important difference is this: Honest dentists only bill for procedures as they are done.

Aspen charges out ALL PROCEDURES ON THE TREATMENT PLAN up front! This is grossly dishonest!


Aspen's mission is to extract every possible dollar from its patient-victims. They accomplish this mission very efficiently.

As far as satisfying patients respectfully, that goal is not even on the horizon. You made a big mistake getting all of your bottom teeth pulled. Something could have been saved.

The default at Aspen is to extract everything and make crummy temporary dentures. Why did you go to a sleazy joint like Aspen when there are so many good dentists around?


Dentistry has become a boutique business. I am flabbergasted at the rates for any type of service from any dentist here in 2020. They think they are brain surgeons and entitled to top dollar.


You can thank the ObamaMarxist's tax on all dental and medical equipment and supplies as part of his Abominable Care Act. Also thank Al Gore's tripling of Drug license fees for MDs and DDS's.

Also thank mandatory annual OSHA and HIPPA lectures that we must pay employees to attend. Plus we cannot treat patients those days. The lectures are plain stupid and absolutely worthless. Also thank the out-of-control tort problem in the US which makes us waste time on all sorts of CYA documentation.

Also thank the Federal Americans with Disabilities Acts. Compliance with it requires we have office spaces much, much larger than in any other country I have been to.

Also lately thank the COVID hysteria for increasing all our costs. Someone has to pay for this nonsense.


Source(credible) or SierraTangoFoxtrotUniform. You sound like a fool who doesn't get laid anymore.


Look it up yourself, idiot. See if the ObamaMarxist put a 2.3% tax at the manufacturing basis on all medical and dental supplies and equipment to finance the rest of the Abominable Care Act. Of course, you never took the time to read the Act's 2000 pages, did you?

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