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I have been there so many times and partial doesn't fit is cutting gums and top denture are loose and moves around. Keep telling them the roof of my mouth is not getting suction and there are moving around in my mouth!!

They keep me two to for hours each time and then they want me back in another week..been going on for months! Now they have to do a realignment and said if that don't work they have to put the snaps in which is another $8,000...I walked out pissed

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I don't suggest getting a Snap-on denture from Aspen. The chances are that it will go wrong and you might be left in permanent pain.

My local dental college offers 2 free implants for bottom Snap-on dentures which is a life changing procedure for many people. The work they do for denture wearers is incredibly good and the students are doctors under the supervision of experienced faculty staff. How about Googling dental colleges in your area and doing some other online searching to find someone affordable and legitimate?

Aspen is a terrible chain of corporate owned dental offices whose bottom line is only money, never the patient. I hope you can make a satisfactory plan !


I had similar experience, dentist said after many attempts, he couldn't make lower was already paid for partly by me, partly they won't give me my money or the denture


This clown club doesn't have the instruments, supplies, or lab support to do a top-notch job on dentures and partials. Chances are you will never get prostheses that fit properly.Whatever you do, don't let these goofballs attempt implants in your mouth.

They will fall out in no time. There is a tragic case about an A$pen Dental mini-implant case gone bad on this very forum.Denture patients always think the best place to go is one that advertises cheap prices on TV. Nothing could be further than the truth. Making good full and partial dentures requires a lot of precision to do right.

And taking all the necessary steps isn't easy, either.Best to cut and run and find a competent independent dentist at this point.

Start agitating now and in a year or two you might be able to get a small partial refund. Chalk it up to a hard lesson learned about corporate dental clinics

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