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Girl used the explorer device and pressed HARD on my tooth enough to *** my head back several times. That *** think got STUCK in my tooth where she seriously had to YANK that thing out.

She gave me a god damn cavity I would LOVE to put a *** cavity in that ***. *** ASPEN!! Not to mention the stupid *** working the xray made you have to bite down and this thing trying to make you *** deepthroat it. Man i *** hate them.

I threatened them with suing and they didnt charge me anything.

I really think they owe me more than that. Now i'm stuck with some cavities CAUSED by them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Hire TRAINED professionals !.

I liked: Easy to get in.

I didn't like: Uneducated.

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NOBODY can cause a cavity by poking a tooth with an explorer. If an explorer stuck in the tooth, IT ALREADY HAD A CAVITY.

Sometimes x-rays inside the mouth are uncomfortable.

Those fat hard digital sensors hurt worse than traditional film, which is one reason I don't use them.

You did not suffer any permanent injury, so you have no basis whatsoever for suing anyone.

You hate dentists so much, why not just forget any dental appointments.

You can stand the pain of toothaches- you are man enough. You don't need us dentists.

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