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im going to keep posting a complaint about aspen dental offices in newark oh & zanesville oh & maybe enough people will see them and go some where else. if your paid to do a job you should do the job right.

or you should reinburst client in full. i was screwed over by aspen dentals zanesville oh office. and now im getting yhe same *** from there newark ohio office. does anybody stand by there work anymore?

the work that was done besides them making the partials would not have been done if i knew they could not make dentures to fit your mouth.insteed they want your mouth to fit there dentures.

i do not wish for allie of aspen dental to reply with im sorry. i want some one in charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Aspen dental


I 100% agree these dentures are awful fitting The Lab Tech was rude and straight up lied to me. Someone so needs to fix the issue


They scammed me too. I paid for the expensive dentures and I got the most miserable god awful buck teeth.

The money back guarantee is a scam. They kept my money.

to Brenda Brown #1654004

Brenda they didnt give a refund?


I went to Aspen Dental to have two teeth cap,Instead they told me I was approve for a line of credit for 20,000.when I set up the appointment to get this done , they num my whole mouth and the next thing they where drilling my teeth & next all my front teeth where drill down (top & bottom)they put caps on my teeth (left all the routs in my gum).the caps kept falling off I called the main office and let them know Im upset .They told me to come in & they would fix evetything the denist told me I had to have my back teeth pulled out so he can make me a bridge for my front bottom teeth and he cap my front top teeth,they made 4 sets of denters for me (which I don't have in my moth)with all this damage that they did to my moth I need all my roots pulled out and bridges put in so I can eat .I have a denist ,but he don't take my insurance.and my insurance don't pay for bridges. So here I sit and can't eat food with out my teeth falling out(caps)I have no back teeth they pulled them out to put a bridge (made denters)where do I go from here ?? iI have all my paper work and x-rays and the bill of saying what they charge and what they did .I hope you can help me ,my front teeth where straight and white why did they do this and are going to get away with it ,I would like to smile again and eat .Thank you Diane Sieminski ( number) :cry :cry

Springer, New Mexico, United States #172359

I beg of you to contact the doctor who has posted here about the class action lawsuit. Aspen, as in my case, has a practice of hiding their dirty laundry with low budget settlements that refund their victim but doesn't compensate for the pain and suffering or the money it cost to repair what the dental problems they caused. With the refund they can BURY the issue and go on to hurt other patients.

Please please join the cause to stop them!!

to MantenoVictim #1689866

Aspen Dental at Retail Court in Myrtle Beach SC all they care about scamming the patient! All they care about is the money they scam you out of!


Aspen Dental must be stopped. A multi-state Class Action Lawsuit is forming against the Aspen Dental Group.

If you would like to have your complaint against Aspen Dental considered for inclusion in this action, please send a complete description of your “Aspen” experience, including your name, contact email and phone number to the following email address:

The more information you are able to provide in support of your complaint against Aspen Dental, the more "power" your complaint will carry and the faster Aspen will fall.

All information provided by you will be treated as strictly confidential and will be shared with no one except the attorneys involved with the preparation of this action. There is absolutely no cost to you to have your voice heard.


Ted Bleckstein, DDS, MS

to Dr.Bleckstein #1454966

I would like to join this action suit against Aspen

to Dr.Bleckstein #1478913

To swollen to give a good conversation í had tumor in my. palate.had kimo,radiation to see the TRUTH !!

at your dentist not on my time...they. claim peace of minD!!!

and wreck your mouth and your life.. Fla

to Dr.Bleckstein #1591317

I sent an email. Is this a scam too? I want to join class action suit.

to Brenda Brown #1654002

I dont think this is scam

to Dr.Bleckstein #1654001

I would to join the group!

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