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I forgot to mention that the so called dentist girl did a exam that consisted of a mirror and a pick in her hand. She did all this with no light and no face mask. Pure fraud and upselling.

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I went to Aspen Dental because from their advertisement the accepted emergencies and walk ins. so yesterday my crown came loose.

I went to aspen dental, they recommended that I make an appointment so i did. My appointment was for 5:30 , after waiting for 1 1/2 hours they finally called me into their x ray from *** room. After taking 19 plus 1 x rays i made it into the chair. 7:15.

I meet what I guess is a Dentist. She is talking about my x rays and my deep pockets, everything but the main reason I came to Aspen. TO GET MY CROWN GLUED BACK ON! Then after all this BS , they tell me they close at 7 and wouldn't be able to reapply my crown today, and that I needed to talk to the finance manager?

Never in my adult life have I ever met with a Finance person to get some dental work done, NEVER. . This place is shady and I will be reporting them to the BBB along with a few other agencies for the shady practice they are running. Also the Ohio Attorney General will be hearing from me.

bottom line is they tried to sell me everything under the sun but failed to do what I originally came into them for. Aspen you suck.

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What did u think was going to happen. You are expected to pay for services hence the meeting with the financial person, would u rather not know the cost until its already done and then u have no choice but to pay the pay, this way you know what it is going to cost. Makes sense to most people with atleadt average intelligence.


On Friday, 1/27/12, the Aspen Dental in Oshkosh had a sign that they were a member of BBB through 3/31/11. They pay a premium to be a member.

Plus their resolution rate through BBB is not very good. Good luck with getting resolution!

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