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I went to Aspen Dental today planning on getting my usual 2x year cleaning.I just recently changed insurance and Aspen is on my plan and right across the street from my work, so I thought it was a good choice.

I have healthy teeth, only 3 cavities in my whole life( I am 36). You can imagine my shock when I was advised that I had early stage periodontal disease and needed an extensive periodontal cleaning, not just a regualar cleaning. They said they could not do a regular cleaning and were going to submit this all to my insurance and if another practice did a regular cleaning on me it would be considered 'malpractice'. So, basically I am stuck going back there to get this extensive cleaning I so called need and can't go to a regular dentist to get a regular cleaning.

The estimated cost for this procedure is $946 and that is after insurance. What the heck?

I need some advice!Thanks.

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Monetary Loss: $946.


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I wish I had found this information before my visit.I had the same experience.

I would imagine everyone who walks through the door has "gum disease". That is how they make their money. Full payment without the insurance wait.

I will say this. Everyone was very cordial.

I have no complaint about the staff.They are "just following orders".

Anyway, after this treatment, I will be looking for another dentist.


I agree.I take good care and have always had good checkups.

Obviously, things happen... I've had a couple of crowns, one root-canal, and some fillings. But basically easy cleanings, good dental maintenence on my part (I brush, floss...) I moved, changed insurance, and had almost no choice but Aspen. My previous private practice doctor in another state was thorough and conscientious.

But on my first visit to Aspen, the tech pushed the probe so hard and deep that she reported deep pockets (which I do NOT believe I actually have.) That led to "periodontal" cleaning which is not covered by my insurance. So, now that's been done, and my latest checkup has all pockets as 1's, 2's, and 3's, but still my next checkup is scheduled as "periodontal" which as noted, it not covered by my insurance. What a scam. I have healthy gums, good teeth, with the occasional cavity.

I brush and floss.This whole business model strikes me as predatory.


Ridiculous. Going to another doctor for another opinion or a cleaning is not malpractice. Telling you it is...well I would say that's close to malpractice.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #779569

I went to Aspen, yesterday, after work.And basically, the same thing happened to me.

They told me I had early stages of periodontal disease and after my insurance paid, my out of pocket expense would be, $638.00. I called them back today and told them I wanted my xrays and perio chart ready. They were hesitant and told me they didn't charge my insurance company, so I can just go to another dentist and have the xrays and exam, done. WRONG!

I will be picking them up, today.I will also be making a complaint to the Oklahoma Medical Board.

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #627802

Ask them to give you a copy of your perio probings, and get a second opinion. If they are legit they should have taken them.

to JL #1419769

I don't see that that will help.I believe the person doing the periodontal probings in the first place has a mandate to find deep pockets.

At my first visit, she said, "oh, bleeding. You probably have a gum disease." I replied that if you stuck a needle in my finger I'd bleed, too, but I don't have any finger disease. She was OVERLY aggressive. I have always had regular dental checkups and have NEVER had these high numbers for pockets so naturally I don't believe those found by Aspen are accurate.

Since then, I'm now listed as a periodontal patient and all subsequent checkups are at the higher rate, not covered by my insurance.I'm very disappointed that HPHC has endorsed these people as the network provider.

Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States #605216

They did the same to me yesterday.I am going back to my previous dentist (who does not accept my insurance) and just getting a regular cleaning and paying for it on my own then submitting my receipt on my own and get back whatever I can from my insurance for going to a non participating dentist.

I want to see what my dentist that I have went to for over 20 years says. It is crazy that they will not do a basic cleaning. I was told once I get the gum disease treatment done once I will be good and can just get regular cleanings.

My gums are not swollen or bleeding and her comment made me very suspicious.My cost was to be $355 but I would sooner pay my previous dentist (who I trust) that money if I really need a gum disease treated.


Funny how everyone I know (including myself) that has went to Aspen Dental seems to have periodontal disease. I went to them because my dentist retired. He had never said anything about periodonitis to me.....hmmmmmmmmmm, how can so many people develop this disease when they go to Aspen?


Periodontal disease and cavities are 2 totally separate entities.Yes you may only have 3 cavities in your whole life, but you may also have the initial signs of gum disease.

The reasonable and customary service for any patient with signs of gum disease (periodontal disease) is scaling and root planing (extensive cleaning) to remove the causative factors (i.e. anerobic bacteria deep in your gums). Yes you can get a second opinion, but what if your second opinion still states you have gum disease? Will you still run away from the extensive cleaning you obviously still need?

Yes dental treatment is expensive, and NO, dental insurance does not cover everything.Dental insurance and medical insurance are 2 totally different things.

No, I don't work for Aspen Dental, but I am a general dentist in the USA.

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Informing you that "if another practice did a regular cleaning on me it would be considered 'malpractice'" is completely unethical.They're trying to frighten you out of getting a second opinion.

Call your insurance company and tell them the situation--most carriers have an Ombudsman or Fraud Waste and Abuse department who could help you.

Most insurance companies will allow you to get a diagnostic visit at another in-network practice for a second opinion (in fact they might insist on it!).Depending on how that second opinion goes, you might want to file a complaint against Aspen with your carrier--they probably have a big, thick file on them already.

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