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I was told I need 6 root canals and crowns and a scaling cleaning with an out-of-pocket of $1,000 expense for that cleaning , 6 root canals, a total of pocket expense over $10,000. I ask for just a regular cleaning as so told I could not have it.

The next day I contacted ,First Dental Medford Massachusetts.

On the 21st I had an appointment at their office, I received a regular cleaning, was told I do not need a scaling cleaning . I received a regular cleaning.

I was told I need one root canal with a crown ,one tooth needs to be built up with a crown on it , the rest fillings. That is such a difference in the treatment plans and cost .The only assumption I can make is that Aspen Dental is just a money-making business and not out for patient care patient or experience and not out to treat the patient right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Same experience in Quincy, Ma. Went in for a basic cleaning a d xrays that my blue cross medicare ppo is supposed to cover.

They did not listen or give me what I wanted a simple basic cleaning. Insisted I needed a deep cleaning .

Refused to give me, the customer a basic cleaning waste of time... scam


Well, your assumption is accurate. Why are corporate clinics like Aspen such dishonest, money-filching outfits?

Because they are not owned buy dentists, but by wall Street private equity firms. In Aspen's case, it is Leonard Green & Partners LLC. The Wall Street types want 20% return on equity. 20% return is hard to achieve, paying all the expenses of a dental practice.

The only way they can do it is pay dentists the lowest in the industry, overbook their schedules, plan unnecessary treatment, and have lab services done very cheaply in China. Aspen dentists have told me that office managers even add treatment to the treatment plan in order to get their monthly production bonus! Every young dentist knows the rotten reputation Aspen has. So Aspen only gets the most desperate young dental graduates to work there.

Most are very, very deep in student loan debt. If they don't cooperate with Aspen's patient scams, they won't make any money, and Aspen will get rid of them. Aspen especially loves to sponsor foreign dentists on H1B visas. If these dentists don't cooperate with Aspen scams, support for the H1B visa is withdrawn and it is back to the third world they go.

Aspen and other crooked chains like it have formed a lobbying trade group and are buying off state politicians where they have offices. The goal is to get their employees on state dental boards so they can control the regulatory authorities.

Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse! Write your state legislator and demand your state practice prohibitions against non-dentists owning dental practices be enforced!

to Dr. Mathews #1601362

If this is the beginning of corrupt dentistry, we're in trouble. Lobbyists, politicians, and corruption overtaking dentistry leaves WE THE PEOPLE in DIRE STRAITS! We are in big trouble.

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