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My husdband has been in severe pain for 2 days now and so I made him a dentist appt. With our dental insurance we had to go to some one in network so I contacted Aspen dental.

They did get us in that day and let me say wow how unpleased we are. They were nice but for some reason they can not do anything to ease the pain nor can they take care of the problem. Let's just say I asked them to give something for pain when we left and they refused and then after we got home my husband is now pacing because of the pain so I called the office back and she told me they would talk to the dentist and call me back an hour later she finally calls back with no news but that they would not call in anything for pain they were not simpathetic at all they jst treat you like they don't care about you. At this point I would rather pay out of pocket then continue to go back to Aspen dental, atleast when you go to your dentist even if they are out of network they atleast care when your in pain.

I can not believe they make you wait another appointment before they will take care of the problem. Lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Insurance.

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They aren't the type of dentists you call for help. They're just out to make money.

I canceled my appointment with them despite having insurance & am paying out of pocket for real dentist. Good luck with pain.

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