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As a direct result of services or lack of I am suffering from pain when I consume hot or cold foods when they come in contact with the tooth that Aspen Dental did the crown on. I am afraid my front teeth will chip while consuming any type of food.

I trusted Aspen Dental would provide me with the proper treatment when they invoiced me for services that I would receive from them. So I could consume any types of food. On my second visit I was to get fillings on my front teeth and after Dr Patel started the work she told me I needed another filling on a additional tooth that did not even show on the x-Ray and was not part of the price invoiced to do the work. Dr Patel also told me there would be an additional charge to do the work so she had to stop the work I already paid for to sign a consent form to do so.

I did not sign the consent form, I wrote refused. The next words from Dr Patel “these fillings need to be crowns” I did not respond to her statement nor did she quote me a price. I was floored by Dr Patel’s comments. After I got home I realized what happened was very disturbing, in how could Dr Patel know that tooth needed a filling when it did not appear on the x-ray and why would she even do the fillings when she told me they should have been crowns.

What is the purpose of doing the X-ray’s in the first place? Why did Dr Patel not tell me that the fillings needed to be crowns before she even started working on my front teeth? After all she knew before she even started working on my front teeth that the front teeth needed to be crowns. I believe it was because once she started the work I would have no choice to do the work at an additional charge.

I was told by Dr Patel on my last visit I needed a root canal instead of a crown. Dr Patel never gave me a price nor did she get a consent form to either do the work or my refusal to have the work performed. I believe they drilled so deep into this tooth so I would need further repair at an additional fee. Aspen Dental provided me with an invoice not an estimate.

The difference being an estimate could mean the dollar amount charged could be higher or lower. An invoice is final and if any additional work was needed it should have been done at no charge. The fact being Aspen Dental did their own x-rays. I believe that Aspen Dental is involved in overcharging consumers and recommending services that are not necessary.

I myself was told additional work was needed on 2 separate visits that was not included in my invoice. I spoke to 2 different patients on my visits to the location on Shallowford Rd in Chattanooga Tn and they told me that they also were told additional work would be necessary. In my case Aspen Dental did work on a front tooth that did not even show up on their own x-Ray. There is no way a dentist can detect that a tooth needs a repair without an x-Ray to support the need.

The whole purpose of x-rays are to support the recommendations made by a dentist or a doctor. The consent form that I signed (refused) is the deal breaker because if they fail to provide this for review it would be borderline criminal behavior and a cover up. If they are unable to provide this document my claim can still be verified with my dental records. Example would be that they charged for one filling but the chart indicates that they did two would only support my claim of a cover up.

If this is found to be true I would recommend that any office that the owner of the Shallowford Rd has be audited by an independent source so that they can assure consumers that repairs recommended are truly legitimate. There is also a huge difference in the cost I was billed for services and the amounts posted on their website.

This may well be another case of overcharging customers for increased profits on Aspen Dental behalf. After all I went to the office from the information listed on the website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Wrong procedure.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Shoddy work.

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Sometimes decay does not show up on x-rays, and is discovered when doing another filling. But I agree with you: never have I seen decay so deep a crown is needed, and nothing showed up on x-ray.The real owner of the office on Shallowford Road is A$pen.

It is a lie when they say each office is individually owned by a dentist. They tell this lie so they won't be in trouble with State Boards of Dentistry.Nerves of teeth sometimes get inflamed and die after doing deep fillings and crowns. Sometimes sealing around them with a penetrating resin will eliminate it, but not when the pain is severe.You sound like an educated person. I don't understand how you chose a sleazy corporate chop shop like A$pen.

Usually patients like you do their research and patronize health professionals that are highly rated. The pay is extremely low at A$pen.

To make decent money, young dentists must hustle patients for all the treatment they can possibly pay for. A$pen is a lose-lose situation for young dentists and patients alike.PLEASE find a competent and honest dentist to take it from here, and give an honest assessment of what has been done so far.

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