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I went to Aspen Dental in Goodyear, Arizona and had a bridge done. I was told in the beginning it was going to cost me $1,500 even though I had three different insurances and they made me pay ALL of my portion up front.

After insurance covered they owed me back $1,435 and it has been a year and a half, I still have not been refunded my money!!!

I have called and finally this past week pointed out to them that if the tables were reversed and I was the one who had not paid them, they would have placed me for collection and tried to destroy my credit. Then to add further insult to injury they won't refund me via check and although we have moved and closed our accounts (which can happen in an almost 2 year period of time) state that I probably will need to PROVE that my accounts have been closed--they already have my account numbers all they have to do is try to use them, this is absolutely ridiculous!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Insurance.

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Contact the board of dentistry. and file a formal complaint.

then contact theBBB and file another. we will get them.


Allie, I love how you get paid to try and make a mends with your employers bad practice. Everyone on here has had the same situation happen to them including me.!

It is only a matter of time before Aspen will close thier doors. I have yet to find a good review on them!


Find a real dentist - fast! They quoted me 4900.00 for some work I didn't need at all.

I went to a regular dentist and everything Aspen had told me was a lie! They said I had gum disease, needed root canals, etc etc. There are no words to describe them. Now they sent me an offer for 25% off services which I didn't follow up with that they said I needed.

Haha. But it is no joke, so BEWARE!


I'm very sorry to hear about your experience.We strive to make the billing process as smooth as possible for every patient and apologize if that hasn’t been your experience.

Have you reached out to the patient satisfaction team?This team of specialists is based at our Practice Support Center in Syracuse and is trained to help resolve these types of issues. They can be reached at 1-866-273-8606 or



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