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Within the first 3 days of posting the notice alerting consumers about the formation of a class action lawsuit against Aspen Dental, there has been an overwhelming response from angry patients wishing to participate in this action.

To answer the question posed by many frustrated patients – YES, Aspen has designed its patient service department to effectively diffuse your isolated complaints; this is why you will never successfully receive any justice from Aspen Dental when presented as an individual complaint. But, Aspen cannot evade and will be held accountable to the thousands of angry patients who are collectively unified under this large and comprehensive Class Action Lawsuit.

With the high volume of feedback and interest in participating in this Class Action Lawsuit, we are requesting that in your email you identify your complaint as being in one of the three following categories:

1.DENTAL MALPRACTICE – In which you have been physically injured by their dental "care."

2.CONSUMER FRAUD – Includes cases in which office personnel of Aspen Dental used high pressure sales tactics designed to take your money with false promises of providing competent dental health care.

3.Combination of Malpractice and Consumer Fraud.

To respond to one of the most frequently asked questions: Yes, you can remain anonymous!

When you email the description of your complaint for inclusion in this action, simply request that we assign you a confidential identity.

As a new patient, a reasonable person would not expect Aspen Dental to take unfair advantage of a dental problem – after all, they are considered to be a healthcare facility; however, when you sit down with the Office Manager to discuss your dental treatment plan it becomes clear that your money, not your health, is Aspen's primary objective. The job of the Aspen office manager is to force you into accepting the most costly and extensive dental work possible. This is termed "conversion" and is against the law.

To respond to another frequently asked question - Yes, Aspen Dental rewards its employees with financial bonus incentives for exceeding monthly production goals. This bonus system is based upon Aspen's internal use of "metrics" which pressures each office to compete against other Aspen offices. Unfortunately, since Aspen's Management Team is composed of individuals whose background is in "consumer retail" – not in healthcare - they operate the dental care facility as a retail business in which you are not viewed as a patient - instead, you are simply a paying customer. Aspen Dental's motto is: "To create a happy, paying patient." But, unfortunately once you pay, you quickly discover that you are not happy.

This Class Action Lawsuit will effectively make Aspen Dental accountable for their acts through the unified and coherent voice of thousands of patients who have been wrongfully injured by Aspen Dental.

This Class Action Lawsuit will channel thousands of patient complaints into a collectively powerful force which will finally stop Aspen. Your participation in this Class Action Lawsuit will not cost you any money - the legal services are free to you. And, you may be entitled to receive money as compensation for your loss and suffering.

To participate, please direct your questions and interest to Ted Bleckstein, DDS, MS at: Dr.Bleckstein@gmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

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Aspen should pay!! Horrible company that misleads and preys on the disadvantaged!


Place me on the class action suit against aspen dental. Minshew53@yahoo.com mary minshew 205 e valley st. Endicott ny 13760


Dr.Bleckstein@gmail.com...I am very unhappy with ASPEN Den. I find myself locked in a contract that requires me to continue receiving sub-standard dental care painy large amts of money.


we r in Killeen Texas.Why didn't we read the reviews BEFORE we went to Aspen Dental.So sorry we went their. Its all about money.

My wife signs a paperunknowing to me and they have us on a loan before she even has the molds made. Two monthe later they present her with the worst horse teeth that you can imagine. Suposed to be Comfilytes the best.They did not fit her mouth at all and the plate was about 1/2 inch thick. She is waiting on another appointment for a new mold.Meanwhile Comenty Capital bank is billing us for a 60 month ,very high interest loan.

Supose to be an 18 month no interest loan.I'm not paying anything until she gets a good Denture.

We are in our 70's and they saw us coming as the saying goes. This experience may not have a happy ending I'm afraid.Dennis cadran


they sold my wife 3 different partial plates.all were painful and did not fit.bleeding gums and sweeling infection resulted.serious medical complications resulted. the lynd family ohio phone 740-927-6942


post any stories or complaints to


get your story out there.. contact your states Dental board.. contact attorney general ..

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #709769

I want to join the law suit. I was also screwed by aspen.

Teeth don't fit so they want to make me new bottoms for a charge of &1000.00 if they could not fix the ones I hey made the first time , what makes them then to make a whole new ones for the bottom. All they had to to is try to add to the ones I have. They can come up with all kinds of answers, which is all bull, they just want more money from me.

I told them no. My name is nada from west Mifflin penna.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #665837

They removed all my teeth except for 7. No other dentist ever said my teeth were bad.so tell me why they would be right and everyone else wrong

to Az mom #1027924

sue there *** medical malpractice


I live in Lopngview Washington, had to pay $ 19,238.00 up front cash Feb 2012. Woke up in the middle of the placement of my 4 implants, have had nothing but pain since.

Temporaries broke, and they hurt constantly. Feel like I've been jacked for 20 grand.

Still can't eat. Next appointment is day after tomorrow, I'm afraid!

to Tambi Pernula #797173

just go and get your records and xrays and go somewhere else and take your files to you states dental board.. make copies and write you attorney general..

get yourself a malpractice lawyer....and look into the syracuse new york class action civil suit ..you can do both.. complain....report BBB, angies list..

post your story on Aspen dental nightmares... dont let this continue...for you and help prevent others from suffering financially and mentally and physically like yourself...


In Jan. went to have one cap fixed. Was taken to office mgr. and told I needed 21 extractions immediately the cost. $7900. 24 hrs. later the 21 extraction began with only the benefit of novacaine. My heart was racing so badly i thought i was having a heart attack.

It has been 10 months of ***. Teeth that fit so badly, I could not leave the house. I looked like Dracula's sister. The dentist said this was normal due to gum shrinkage and my final teeth would be great.

Final teeth are in place and while I can now leave the house, they do not fit and eating in a restaurant is pretty much out of the question.

These people need to be held accountable for their scare tactics and ghastly medical practices. Eileen tel. 352-750-9150


I have chronic pancreatitis and they knew this. However, the dentist must have needed to meet his quota of making bridges and he held me hostage in a dental chair for over 4 hours while he was watching TV, singing and dancing.

The office manager had to come and tell him to hurry up and get me done. He had told me my appt. would take an hour. I was so sick by the time I got home my husband had to carry me into the hospital.

Pancreatitis can be fatal. If these money hungry people aren't stopped they are going to kill someone and I was afraid it was going to be me. We need to stop them. I filed a complaint with the Illinois Dental Board.

The hygienists were never there they were too busy running back up to the front to gossip with each other. He was messing around so much the office manager told him he needed to stop playing around and get me done. I had to drive an hour to get home and it was a miracle I didn't get killed on the way home I was so sick. As soon as he saw I had lost a temporary crown he immediately started to pull it and build a bridge.

I grabbed his arm and told him I had to take antibiotics for a week before I could have anything like that done. At that point he said well maybe I can save that tooth, which he did. I think he wanted the temporary to come off so he could build a bridge. She had said don't worry if this comes off, not too many crowns come off while you're eating a baked potato.

He knew I had pancreatitis but he was still going to pull my tooth without any antibiotics. This was a nightmare from the get go. I wouldn't let my husband go back to this guy, and this other dentist says he only needs half as much done as this other so called dentist. By the way your free electric toothbrush costs you 150.00.

I have never been this scared to go to the dentist even when I was young, and I wore braces for 5 years. This is a terrible dentist and I plan to stand in front of the place and let everyone know what quacks these people are.


i am now also taking current complaints for this same class action with the doctor at hurtbyaspen2012@yahoo.com we are finally being able to move forward and speaking with lawyers thank you


I went to Aspen dental to have a tooth extracted (loose right back molar) and ended up with a $6,000.00 bill for one tooth extraction and deep cleaning of my teeth.

I have insurance which is to cover emergency dental work, which I was told did not apply for the extraction. They would do no work until you payed the bill up front.

Their high pressure tactic when a person is in pain is unreal. You are not given time to even consider what is happening.

They suggested I have a perment partical( porcelin- no problems with the partical). replaced and with a removable piece.

Now I am being billed after my insurance payment of $2000.00 for the balance of $4500.00. I did not know that an extraction and deep cleaning cost $6,000.00, which is all the servic that was recieved.

I am asking for a detail listing of work preformed and that is very criptic at best.

This is fruad as it's highest.

I have checked and they have billed me for service not recieved.

How do you stop this and get your money back for the over charge????

:? :? :(

to Sandy #632445

That's what they do is charge before treatments. I've never heard about that before.

They charge for services which never been done as well. They try to confuse. It's really unusual to pay before a treatment in dentistry.

Don't sign anything, come back to the office to talk to a manager. Don't be shy.If they tell you that the manager is busy, say that you have a plenty of time and you will wait.


Hello everyone, I have had a lot of prob, with my mouth and health after aspen dental did there dirty work on my, I have an att that is going after them in a class action law suit, it will be filed on april 1st 2012

if you would like to cont me about how you can get in on this please do so soon.





i just want to eat again

been a month now cant even open my mouth from pain in my jaws

oh and the false teeth are a joke the dentist told me they are fake teeth TAKE THEM OUT TO EAT


I had work done and was going to get a new denture made. The dentist told me that the best thing would be implants to hold the denture in place.

I got 3 implants and the back molar where a cap was in for the implant to hold onto cracked.

It was repaired.

I cracked again and a new denture was made. The same tooth cracked in this one too? I told the dentist there must be a problem that the implant is too high or something that's putting too much pressure on the denture and cracking it?

He said no. He moved to another Aspen location and the dentist who remained there made a 3rd set of dentures. these cracked in the identical location???? They repaired them and later after I moved out of the state a large piece of the denture tooth broke off.

It just so happened I was going back home for a wedding and went to the office. They filled in the broken off area with acrylic. Since then it has broken off??????

It took ove 2 1/2 years to finally get this third set and of course now they're broken and I'm stuck 1300 miles from them with a broken denture!!! I am so p*ssed off and don't know what to do about it?

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