I went to Aspen Dental back in December to get a tooth filled. I was supposed to get free x-rays since this was my first dental visit, but later found out they charged me for the x-rays anyway.

I had to make two visits; the first time I had to go back and get my insurance card because the *** receptionist forgot to give it back, and the second time I waited and waited to get my tooth hours--for hours. When it finally happened, they had to give me more anesthetic to numb my tooth and gums, and then they just shot my gum and proceeded without even waiting for me to be numb! The dentist kept yelling at me to keep my tongue down, even though I did not know I had it up and couldn't feel it. I got some mouth rinse for my gum disease which cost a lot, and I had two big bills later, and found out one filling cost $178!

That's more than I've ever been charged at any private dentist. I called recently to check into a cleaning; they said I'd need two visits, including x-rays when I'd already had them in December! I said forget it. I will find a private dentist and hope things go better, but even private dentists aren't very trustworthy these days.

It seems you can't trust any doctor or dentist, but Aspen Dental is one of the worst! I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone; they are only out for money and they might be double billing customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #841884

Aspen is a huge corporation only motivated by money. I used to work for them.

NOTHING at aspen is free. They should be sued just for continuing to trick people. If you have insurance they bill the insurance company for the exam, xrays. If you sign for their treatment plan they roll the cost of the exam into the bills you pay if you don't have insurance.

Sometime they just boldly send you a bill for the exam/xrays proving what scammers they are. Avoid these scammers, you will find more honest service almost anywhere else.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #841400

Almost all the patients I talked to went to corporate clinics in hopes of saving money, and realized too late they spent much, much more money than I would have charged them! The lure of a "freebie" exam is just so alluring.

And then the freebie does not even turn out to be free!

You know chain clinics like this are really operating by skirting state law, don't you? They are almost all owned by private equity investors. State law requires ownership of practices by dentists licensed to practice in the state. So they recruit dentists to pose as "fake owners," lying to state boards about true ownership interest.

We dentists are trying to put a stop to that nonsense.

Remember that the dentists in these clinics are either very inexperienced and highly indebted recent graduates, or dentists with prior problems. They are paid on commission, and kicked out if they don't produce enough revenues.

Working in these clinics is a horrible job, so most leave as soon as they can find a better position. Stay at a clinic, and you will likely have a new dentist every six months.

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