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I saw an ad for Aspen Dental free exam and x-rays. I am widowed with minor children at home, no insurance and almost at Federal Poverty level. I developed a slight tooth ache and when checking my teeth at home, discovered *** in one. I went to aspen and told them all of this.

They told me my credit was approved for $3800 FIRST. Then informed me my treatment would be $3782. They said I needed a root canal, crown, root cleaning and a small cavity filled. They booked appointments for me despite the fact I told them I had to get back to them.

I got home and checked the standard costs in my area and discovered they were very over-priced. Furthermore, I discovered that the root treatment was UNNECESSARY and EXPENSIVE. I called within a half an hour of leaving their office to cancel everything.

My children's dentist checked my teeth. I needed 2 fillings. I did NOT need a root canal, crown or anything else. He fixed my teeth for a total price of $215!

Then I received a call from the credit company Aspen Dental had me apply. Apparently, despite the fact I cancelled all work immediately, Aspen Dental charged my new line of credit the full $3782 even though they said it would take them 3 weeks to complete their work.

What a hassle getting my credit line restored to zero!

NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY AS THEY ARE SCAMMERS! THEY DIDN'T CARE THAT I WAS POOR AND WERE GOING TO OVERCHARGE ME FOR UNNECESSARY WORK. I THINK they saw how much my credit was approved for and then went for the full amount. Remember, they didn't give me a price until I applied for credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

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Im having trouble they charge me with a credit card 2.669.90, approve for 5.067.78,my gum are open to do crown which it will cost me 2.628.00.. what can I do, too much they charge


Aspen Dental did refund every penny to my credit but had no comment whatsoever over their lousey practices. I was promised the district supervisor would call and he never did.


Yes they are scammers. They are run by a equity firm and not by real dentists.

The dentists and administrative people all get commission on the sales. The ADA can't do much about it since it isn't owned by dentists. There was a special article and news special on them.

The article was on and the news special was from Frontline I think it's on PBS? They should be ashamed of themselves!

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