I scheduled and appt.over the phone ,for my husband and I and as I was talking to the lady ,I said Im not sure if that day will be great for us or not and she said no prob to call back if it wasnt convenient.My husband and I discussed it and decided the week after would be a better apptointment time frame.I called the lady back and she rescheduled his and my appt. The day of the appt came up and at the time we had care of my fatherinlaw who's disabled and in a wheelchair and couldnt be left alone.I called the secretary before hand and asked if there was ample enough time between my husbands and My appt.

so that one of us would be able to sit with my fatherinlaw while the other was seeing dentist.She said no and that itd be no problem to cancel my husbands appt due to our situation.I kept mine because I was having tooth pain due to an old cavity.I keep my appt and showed up on time ,have all my xrays etc.,see the dentist and he states I need a bridge on my upper teeth, a filling on another upper tooth, a crown on a bottom tooth and possibly another filling on a bottom front tooth and add in my cleaning and when I see the financial manager she asks if Ive been saving up because the total was over 6,000 dollars. I almost died!Told her I wasnt worried about the other fillings at that time just do my tooth that was hurting and my cleaning.Those charges added up to 315.00 and I had to put down a 200.00 deposit before she'd shedule my next appt.(no dental ins.)As Im sitting in front of her she schedules me and appt.on a thurs for my filling and my cleaning the next day on fri.I ask if theres a day that I can schedule them together in one day considering I live several towns a way and its inconvenient for me. She said sure,no prob!

When My next appt time came around I had to cancel because my children and I had a stomach virus and thats when the financial manager became *** from ***.She states that its in her computer that this is the 5th time ive cancelled or not shown up so she wouldnt be able to reschedule me,Id have to be placed on a call list.(if someone cancels at last minute she can call me and see if I want to come in).I got angry and said I never cancelled an appt. it was my husband that did and she said "You'll have to call back in a few days because my computer is acting up and I cant reschedule you yet" I said OK.A few days later I call back and try to reschedule and the rude office manager comes to the phone and states very rudely" we cannot reschedule you an appt now because it shows in our computer that this is your fifth no show" I said "Woah,wait a min, lady.Ive only cancelled that one time.and my husband one time..the others were rescheduled and the last two appts that youre trying to say I didnt show up for were the ones you rescheduled for me as iM sitting right in front of you,so hows that a no show when you did it as IM right there??" She paused for a moment and then said "FINE,ILL schedule you one more appt and thats it and if you miss it then we can no longer serve you, do you understand??" By this point Im livid but I agree.She puts me on hold for over 15 mins trying to find me an appt time but Im glad she did because when she FINALLY came back,she stated that the closest appt they had to offer me was over a montn and a half a way.I laughed and said no thanks ,lets just recredit my 200.00 bucks and call it at that.They had my money refunded back within 2 days.These ppl suck because it shouldnt show a rescheduled appt as a no show in their computer,the prices are ridiculous and the office manager was a plain rude ***.My advise, stay far away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Office Manager.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #779777

Rescheduling appointments again and again creates bedlam in any dental office. Please don't make appointments unless you are certain you can keep them.

That being said, you are making a big mistake going to a corporate chain clinic instead of a dentist who owns the office in which he works.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #740154

Time to find a small, one-dentist office who will serve you much better than a big office.

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