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I too went to Aspen Dental. BIG MISTAKE.

One deep cleaning and a *** guard came to almost $1800. When it came to the fitting of the *** guard (2 times) it never fit so I returned it.

The cleaning took only 1 hour and she never numbed me and when I talked to Tim (office manager) he said the deep cleaning costs $1150 but they actually charged me $1286. Now that I have talked to others who have had the deep cleaning, they are being charged $150 per quad and are being numbed and it's being done in stages and not done in one hour.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1203040

Looking at your bill:

1."Locally applied antibiotic" is a product called Atridox that has dubious clinical value. It is used to pad bills to increase revenue per visit.

2.If it was done in an hour, you assuredly did not have 4 quadrants of scaling.

Four quadrants of scaling should take at least 2 hours, and probably 3.

3. Periodontal irrigation is not usually charged for separately. It occurs naturally when and ultrasonic scaler is used in the mouth.

4. It is ridiculous to charge for stannous fluoride rinse.

Any normal dentist gives you a prescription for fluoride so you can buy it at the drugstore and use it every day at home.

Look here is what is happening. They convince you that you are given a a great deal with discounted fees. The fees are indeed low, but then they charge you for all sorts of things normal private dentists never charge for.

In the end, you get fleeced. That's what happens when Wall Street shysters own dental offices instead of dentists.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1202894

1. If numbing was not necessary, you probably did not even have a deep cleaning.

In one hour, no more than one quadrant of deep scaling and root planing can be done. In my office, that cost as MAXIMUM of $220, and often less. You got fleeced on that.

2. A *** guard from my very good lab costs $550 and includes all adjustments.

Of course, when you lose cheap abysmal labs, many in China, like Aspen does, you get schlock lab work back.

3. Glad you learned your lesson.

Too bad you had to learn it the hard way. Tell all your friends: When Wall Street *** own dental practices illegally, patients ALWAYS come out the losers.

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