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I have been sent a bill that does not add up to the dental work I received!! My insurance company paid there portion and I have from them my portion of the bill that needs to be paid in which I intend to pay in full.

However, Trenton a manager at your Horry County, Conway SC Aspen has a outrageous bill sent to a financing company that is no where near what my portion of the bill should be!

It's absurd! The fact that he keeps stating his regional manager will fix it, but nothing has been done as of yet and he want give me a number to reach cooperate!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Billing Department.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Like I previously stated!!! I don't need nor do I want a refund for the dental work!!!

Doctor D. Is a excellent dentist and I need a crown and would like him to do it, I want to pay what I am supposed to pay!! But the bill that was sent to the financing agency is not adding up to the one that I received from my insurance company. I pay all my bills and I never stated that I would not pay!!!!

Neither do I care what you guys get paid either!!! It's none of my concern, however, there was a manager that called me and stated I could receive a printout of my bill!! I intend to get it.

Thanks for nothing, Anonymous, for NOT doing your job. See you soon!!!


Nobody at Aspen has any time or incentive to fix your bill. No Aspen employees are bonused based on correcting patient bills.

There is no time for it. They get bonuses based on the amount of money fleeced from patient-victims. It is not going to get fixed. You are not going to get a refund.

You are going to be squeezed until the get the money they desire from you. After that, I hope you will have the sense never to visit another corporate dental chain clinic for the rest of your life.

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