After a tooth broke off in extreme pain went to Aspen, they fit me in and took xrays, was told that tooth had to be extracted and one next to it had crack and decay and could not be saved, a bridge would be needed also huge treatment plan for gums, scripts were written for gum infection and pain and advised they could remove the teeth that day, great!

Was then whisked off into office managers office given estimate of

6,167.00, some discount off that of 1,524.00 leaving balance of 4,643.00. Applied for financing to cover 2,000.00 payments of 167.00 monthly for that if not paid in year then 26% interest applies on balance. Then leaving balance of 2643.00 to be paid up front before ANY treatment could begin. How wonderful and so affordable what a rip off. I paid the 71.00 for xray of tooth another rip off and left angry. They had no concern for my immediate care and extraction of painful infected broken tooth, tough luck.

Had another local dentist look at it, very professional and courteous and concerned. He extracted the tooth with xrays for 337.00, follow up appointment at NO charge next week and his cell phone number in event of any problems in the meantime. He also pointed out the tooth next to broken tooth did have a slight crack in it and may need a crown eventually and did NOT need to be pulled as advised by Aspen dental. Thank God I went to this other dentist! My follow up treatment by him for cleaning and some xrays will cost me 184.00, clearly a *** of a lot more affordable than this rip off Chain Aspen.

Aspen proved to me that they are a rip off and nothing more than a dishonest facility very much like a dishonest mechanic who rips off customers by over charging them and repairing things that do not need it. Avoid this horrific company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

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I don't understand why someone hasn't sued one of these dentists at Aspen dental as of yet. Obviously some of you have proof from another dental provider that verifies the

falsity of their claims and charges.

Considering the pain and suffering most of you have gone through a lawsuit would be for the greater good. The economy being the way it is, money is scarce and no one should be allowed to take advantage of people in dental need. Why hasn't someone reported these sheiks tears to the medical board. This is y these boards exist.

Don't allow anyone else to be victimized by low life's like this.

Just my opinion. Hope all of you find a better dentist.


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SO sorry! I did not mean to click on BS for your post.

I was just curious as to what the BS comments would be. After reading all of these I couldn't imagine how anyone would defend them.

I didn't realize I was actually selecting BS. I have personally heard many horror stories so I feel for you.

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