Plainfield, New Hampshire
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Went to aspen dental office in west Lebanon nh been there twice both times the waiting room was extremely full appointments seemed to be over booked staff seemed to be stressed.was inquiring about an implant for my son after negotiating a price that did not match what my former wife was quoted I was thinking about getting a quote for a front tooth for my self but maybe having second thoughts on it not sure why I have to submit one hundred words .I think I've got my point this another way of trying to *** off some one who is already upset about your website. Fghfd bfdd iutr jgftj ryuibbhgo cdr I nnfs ktgbj nffhjj fhfdk bg I on the end

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Boise, Idaho, United States #805681

Some points to ponder:

1. As you figured out, an overcrowded waiting room is a sign of overbooking and poor appointment control.


Placing implants require a lot of expensive equipment. An inventory of quality implants is itself very expensive. The LAST place you will find this sort of stuff is a corporate chain dental clinic.

3. It is very important to select a dentist who has EXPERIENCE placing lots of implants.

It is very unlikely that you will find such a dentist at a corporate chain clinic, which tends to be a revolving door for heavily-indebted young dentists with little experience.

4. Not only is the correct placement of an implant important, but the maintenance afterward. A revolving door of dentists is not a good place to seek years of follow up care for implants.

5. In short, trying to shop for the cheapest price for an implant is a very poor idea.

Trying to obtain such a service at a corporate chain clinic owned by private equity investors is not only a poor idea, it is a catastrophically *** idea. There are plenty of honest dentists with experience in implants, who own their own private practices, that would be delighted to do a good job for you.

Find one! It should not be difficult at all.

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