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aspen dental gave us a payment to remove 20 healthy teeth and replace them with implants. we gave them all our savings and my husbands 401k money.

they pulled all my teeth then told us unless we came up with $10k more I couldn't get the implants they left me with no teeth. we tried to go to management to no avail. after I told them I would get an attorney, they went through and changed (rewrote) all my treatment notes.

they made it look like I came there for dentures. people with 20 teeth don't go get dentures and its malpractice for a dentist to do this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States #795910

Dr C aka 'Kirk' in other posts you are a true ***


I am so sorry about your misfortunes. But why did you agree to have 20 healthy teeth extracted?

It is a rare patient that I cannot save at least two teeth roots for dentures to rest over.

These overdentures are sure a lot cheaper than implants.

But your big mistake was going to a corporate chain clinic where young dentists are pressured to bring in the most revenue. These outfits are owned not by dentists, but private equity investors.

to henrius Boca Raton, Florida, United States #805384


Thank you for educating our society about corporate dental offices vs privately dental offices.


So if your teeth were healthy- why did you have them pulled?

I'm sure at some point you realized they were going to have to pull them to get the dentures to go in.....right??

And they didn't put the implants in yet did they?? they didn't- so you neither got charged nor did you pay as much money as you implied.

You don't have a case- you requested and approved treatment then sat through that treatment and complained about how much it cost AFTER you got it done. Brilliant

This isn't like Mcdonalds- you can't send it back if you don't like it after you've eaten it.

The work has been done as you requested.

You have to prove negligence which resulted in actual damages that cost you a significant amount of time and money to correct.

If you ARRIVED at the office on Ativan and it was not given to you at the office then it is your fault you were impaired And who signs long complicated documents without their glasses on? Sounds like your problem is you

to Dr C Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #777706

Are those obnoxious allegations arbitrary, or do you know this particular case, and are disclosing personal case information? There are many ways to make sound, reasoned objections without being personally attacking, which is inappropriate, juvenile, uneducated.

Try sticking with facts and examples thereof. If you actually know the case, well...

being a "professional" you should know the ramifications about patient disclosure. However, reading your rant, I doubt you are a professional!

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #759786

im soo sorry thay happened to you . i hope you sued them for all you could and had them before a review board

West Burlington, Iowa, United States #757604

I just found out after getting my records to give to my lawyer that they had me sign a paper that they told me was just accepting my denture color....I was under the influence of adavan and didnt have my glasses on i had there goggles on and couldnt read it... plus she had the form on a clip board with a top paper half folded over so all that was visible to me was the space to sign...

i asked her what am i signing are you sure it isnt that i accept my dentures and she assured me.. i again asked another day to see the paper i signed and she said she would get it and i got sidetracked... i would of never signed it because my dentures didnt fit right...i thought i was only signing to aprove the color of my dentures..

thats FRAUD !!!!! :(

to Anonymous Ocala, Florida, United States #758456

my dentures don't fit right either ... what is the name of your lawyer and did you get any closure from this fraud

to kwhiobu Mount Pleasant, Iowa, United States #780930

OMG I'm going through the same thing with my upper partial. Twice they have re-done it and I cannot believe that they think I would go out in public with them in my mouth!!

Totally ridicoulous!!

We too are looking into a lawyer since my insurance has paid over 3500.00 but the office is showing no record of getting it!! HAHA :(

to marinemom Boise, Idaho, United States #805446

Patients often think partial and full dentures are like some stock item bought off the shelf at a hardware store. So they think they should shop only for low price.

In reality, making partial and full dentures that fit, function, and look natural is a very, very difficult task that is learned over many years of experience fabricating them. At a MINIMUM, good dentures take 6 appointments to complete, plus additional visits for adjustments.

It is not something done inexpensively, if done well. It is not something done in a short time period, as most patients expect.

And fabricating full and partial dentures is definitely not something to be trusted to corporate chain clinics employing young deeply-indebted dentists right out of school.

I have no idea why patients think they will get competent, honest treatment at corporate chain clinics owned by investors.

Perhaps impressive TV advertising mesmorizes their brains. But they would be much better off seeking care in the offices of experienced dentists who actually own the offices in which they work!

to Anonymous Mount Pleasant, Iowa, United States #780932

Hey did you go the office in West Burlington?? Me too.

We need to get together. sounds like we both got the ax from them

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