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February of this year I made the decision to get false teeth after years of suffering and embarrassment. I finally made the choice and felt great about it.

Got my old ones ripped out, got my temp. teeth, and I was ready for my final ones. Mind you, Aspen said all of the charges had already been figured out, and when my final teeth were ready I would be able to walk in and get them. Not so much.

I received a letter telling me to come on down for my final dentures, and made my way to their office. When I arrived, I was told that ANOTHER 600 dollars would be billed to me on top of the 4000 dollar debt I already owe for a cleaning and filling of teeth I had left. This is NOT what they advertised. I was also told they would be ready for me to take home in six months, and it's been seven.

I am unable to receive my final teeth because I refuse to pay another 600 dollars that I was told I wouldn't have to pay, even though I have paid in full the cost of said teeth. I am furious and I do not recommend Aspen Dental to anyone who has a fully functional brain, because you will see the *** behind the smile.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $4263.

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Boise, Idaho, United States #852023

Here is the problem. Honest dentists only bill procedures and take money as the procedures are completed.

As a former employee has noted, this chain's strategy is to bill ALL procedures up front, so the patient is committed to completing treatment at the chain's office. If you change your mind, they make it very, very difficult to get any refund.

My advice to you is to kick up a ruckus, threatening them with a State Dental Board complaint, if you are not refunded money for any services not completed.

Then go to a REPUTABLE dentist who owns his own office, NOT A CORPORATE CLINIC, and have your temporary denture relined. This should not cost much more than $400 and will make them fit very tightly.

Not sure from your post where your remaining teeth are. If on bottom, you have a lower partial.

If all plastic, these are not practical to reline. Under no circumstances have the final partial denture made at this chain. A lab tech chronicled how they are made of thin metal by Chinese dental labs.

A decent partial denture can be relined and last for over 20 years, if the teeth are taken care of!

I know this is a painful lesson for you, but hopefully you will learn and never make the same mistake again. Patients are drawn to these places because of expensive advertising and the promise of a "good deal." What they get most of the time is third-rate dentistry at fees that are far from bargains- topped off by debt for it at a high rate of interest!

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