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I went to the Aspen dental facility in North Port FL, I was told that I needed a root canal and a crown. I had the rootcanal done, then I had to come back in at a later date for them to put a temp crown on.

I had to return 3 times due to the temp crown falling off.. I was literally eating soup the 2nd time it fell off.. Finally the actual crown came in, it was placed in my mouth, I went on my way, and within 5 weeks the crown fell out, leaving a gaping hole with extremely jagged tooth fragments that were actually cutting my tongue causing it to bleed and swell. I went back to the office, they looked at it and said that the actual tooth was cracked in half now and that they could not crown that tooth, so they would now need to extract the tooth and pay to have a bridge or an implant inserted.

I had already paid right around a thousand dollars out of my pocket, not to mention what my insurance company had covered for the rootcanal and crown. Now they want to charge me anywhere between 2 thousand to 4 thousand to have the bridge or implant put in. Plus I have to pay for the extraction of the existing tooth. I spoke to the office manager, wanting some compensation for the thousand that had already been paid for the faulty work that had been done, even if that money already paid could be applied towards the bridge or implant.

I was told absolutely not, they would not compensate me in any way, that I would have to pay the full amount for the bridge or implant, she was sorry, but could not help me, they would not take any of the blame. So, now I am out a thousand dollars, and left with a gaping hole in my mouth, that seems to be slightly infected with jagged pieces sticking out that cut my tongue every time it makes contact with it.. I am now out of a lot of money and in worse condition then I originally walked into the building in. The fact that the allowed a patient to walk out of their facility in this condition speaks volumes!!

If you are in need of dental work, avoid this facility at all costs!!

There are plenty of other dental facilities out there.. Bad, Bad, Bad!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't just avoid THIS facility. Avoid all Aspen facilities!Aspen uses the cheapest labs they can find, many times in China. It is the crown that stays in that is the rarity, not the crown that falls out.