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7,400 was paid up front to cover the entire bill... Here he is 1 year later & cannot chew or eat.

Top plate & lower parcial do not line up or match. Impossible to bite, chew or begin digestion in his mouth. He has lost a lot of weight, ended up with gut disorders & cannot eat solid foods... Complaining to them was useless.

To top it all, they wanted $400 more. Thankfully, he kept his receit with the paid in full & doctor's signature.

I'm sick for our son. Kenosha Aspen is horrible & I wouldn't referr anyone to this scamming outfit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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i have plate to from aspen in easthartford office they bad i keep having to reline them 130.00 each time


What sort of dentist collects all the money up front for complicated treatment that spans several months? No dentist friends of mine.

Only money-grubbing corporate con artists like the people who run A$pen Dental. You know this outfit is wholly owned by a private investor group named Leonard Green & Partners, LLC, right? Even though they lie to patients and claim each office is owned by an individual dentist.

Get your son examined by a REAL dentist, preferably a prosthodontist or dental school faculty. Get them to document the deficiency with the dentures.

Then hit the dentist who treated your son with a complaint to your state board. This will not faze A$pen, but it could scare the treating dentist into testifying against A$pen.

Then go straight to your state attorney general and lodge a complaint.

FOUR state attorneys-general have slammed A$pen already. With enough complaints, yours could be the next.

NEVER AGAIN patronize a corporate dental clinic, or any health professional that advertises over the airwaves for that matter.