Over the last couple of weeks I have had some recurring jaw pain. Knowing that I had a couple of days off work coming up, I decided to wait. The only appointment I could get was with Aspen dental. I was desperate, so I took it, in spite of the reviews, figuring that really people who are pleased with something rarely would post a review, and there must be pleased customers somewhere, or the company would have closed.

I went in, did the paperwork, and told the girl who did the xrays (A bazillion of them) about the pain that I had been having. She made a note. She was very sweet, and friendly. I was taken back into a little alcove, very definitely not private, and sat for a while. Someone came in, and scraped along my gums, calling out a bunch of numbers. I didn't know what it was for, and it was never explained. I was asked if I wanted cancer screening (I am not at risk, so I said no), and then the hygienist started talking. she said that I have mild gum disease, and she wanted to send me home with a fancy ($150) toothbrush, and some kind of mouthwash, and have me come back for 2 visits to clean under my gums. I'd heard about this particular scam before, so I said I would have to see if I could afford it (Who pays that much for a toothbrush?!).

The dentist came in, and went over the xrays. More poking around, and scraping along, and she starts talking in letters and numbers to the technician. When she's done, she comes back, and says that I need 6 crowns and 3 root canals, to start, not to mention fillings, and other services. I told her there was no way in the world I could afford that, and asked about alternatives. Her only suggestion was extraction, and a partial plate.

Having heard this song and dance before, I looked at their estimate ($5000), and decided that I will seek a second opinion.

All of this, over the course of 2.5 hours, and NOTHING was done about the original cause of the pain. Did I fail to mention that was the reason that was the reason that I came in? Nope. I KNOW that I mentioned it. So why wasn't anything done? I don't know... time to do a little more digging. Maybe they've lost their license to manage pain, when they gained the one to manage money.

I will continue to post as things come up, and I manage to get to another dentist.

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