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Took my boys to Aspen Dental (Weymouth, Ma) first of all they took my 10 year old into the room even before I finished checking in which he just turned 10 so I had a problem with that then with my 12 year old son they took him at 4:50 his appoinmtnt was for 5:00 at almost 5:20 called me in the room stating that he has a cavity on a tooth that already has a filling stated that he needed a root canal. They were being very demanding and rude.

I asked them if they had already cleaned his teeth and they said no so what were they doing from 4:50 to almost 5:20 when it was for a routine cleaning.

I did not even stay for the cleaning left right away on the ride home I asked him if they asked any questions he said they asked if he had any mouth pain and when he said no not really they kept asking him are you sure. Going to another dentist on the 13th of this month

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

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