I own a business and I bend over backwards to keep my customers----why does it take an hour from appointment time to be seen lousy service... poor planning on the scheduling area- this is a common occurance with Aspen.

My gal was there for two hours on her last appointment. These people do not care about some one elses time just there own They sould be paying me for my time- seems like I remember a book= sue the bastards the whole sense at aspen has the feel of a used car dealership see this person then see that person then lets check your isurance and then they make one mistake after another on their billing

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

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Greenville, North Carolina, United States #641026

Who is answering these complaints? Not anyone I would wish to deal with. "Shut up and wait your turn?" Hope you dont ever expect good service with that attitude!

New York, New York, United States #640298



Hey sounds to me like you are the problem. Im sure you would like them not to rush through your treatment because the person after you has arrived, so obviously they arent going to do that when you walk in the door.

Ive never been to any doctors office where i didnt have to wait.

So just shut up and wait your turn. No one forced you to go there.

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