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My elderly parent (90+) went to the Sun City Center Aspen Dental Office for new dentures, which was covered under Medicare, however after consultation, the office contacted me to suggest upgraded dentures at an additional cost ($1000+ dollars) for better fit. After no more than one day, if was evident the dentures were too large and were a bad fit.

Caused significant pain. The bad fit was affirmed by fellow family members and friends based upon viewing the dentures (significant overbite based upon denture formation) as well. Called the office and confirmed with the Office Manager Mr. Christian Holzwarth, the dentures were not wearable and they needed to be returned.

Advised to have parent just come in. Went into office and my parent was required to wait an extended period of time and then was advised to come back later in day??? Second office visit for what reason during these viral times??? Had to pay for second transportation.

After confirmation of the inadequate fit, was provided a Denture Money Back Guarantee that provides for 5 day reimbursement back to original payment via credit card. Waited 1 week and contacted Mr. Holzwarth and he confirmed the reimbursement was in process and it would take longer due to many authorizations needed to process. 2 weeks later called again and left a message with follow-up email with copy of original payment and signed guarantee.

A week later called 2 more times with 2 more emails, received absolutely no call back and no email response.

The lack of response, no call back or email response (3 calls with messages left and 3 emails) by Mr. Holzwarth is not acceptable from a professional standpoint and the failure to return the money to an elderly parent per the signed agreement is not acceptable. Waiting 4 weeks with no reimbursement is not acceptable business practices upon behalf of the owner R Dustin Dixon DMD Holdings, PLLC (as noted on website).

After waiting countless hours on the phone and speaking with numerous operators since all the phone numbers are a national number that queues your calls thru the same number that persons requesting appts call, I never got thru to someone who could help. The Patient Satisfaction Team number is of no assistance, same long phone wait time.

ALL phone numbers appear to go to same queue.

I finally called the Corporate Office number after internet research, explained my situation and my reimbursement was processed over the phone within 15 minutes and I receive reimbursement 1 day later. I was advised that no reimbursement was in process within the system from the local office. Thank you Corporate Office!

In summary, I DO NOT recommend Aspen Dental Sun City Center, FL Office for your dental needs, I was cautioned in advance by many local past patients to avoid this office, unfortunately my elderly parent got to experience the unprofessionalism and blatant lack of customer service first hand.

Many, many hours were wasted to secure my refund. I recommend you seek other dental options in Sun City Center, FL if the need arises.

User's recommendation: Go elsewhere.

Location: Miami, Florida

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Medicare does not cover dentures now, and never has. Maybe your "parent" (who calls them that?) had a Medicare supplement policy that had some sort of rinky-dink dental rider.

None of them are worth a flip. Doing dentures right is complicated and takes time- at least 5 visits. It isn't cheap. Most good dentists charge between $3500-****.

Don't like that price?

Be prepared to get dentures that are not worth a flip for your parents. A$pen is the last place in the world you would get decent dentures.

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