I was thinking of getting dental work done, I have no insurance and was offered a free exam and x-rays. I was given an estimate for new dentures and tooth extraction. I was put off a little by the Dentist as he didn't even examine of look in my mouth, but stated I should let him put in cadaver bone in my jaw. I was then taken to an office and received a sales pitch and financing offers. The process reminded me of a car salesman approach. While waiting to decide I received a $186.00 bill in the mail

Makes me wonder if I want to do business with a company that does this.

Ken Stillwell

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

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EXACT same thing happened to me and now a collection agency is sending me mail!! Not fair!


Same thing here

Athens, Georgia, United States #827159

As a insider, I can tell you nothing is free at aspen. If you don't have insurance, the exam is "free" but they roll the price into your treatment or send you a bill if you don't accept their treatment.

If you have insurance they bill your insurance company. This is the worst place to go if you don't have dental insurance. Aspen preys on these people as they are usually in desperate situations and embarrassed to talk about money problems. Aspen will tell you: great its easy to finance the complete dollar amount at low monthly payments.

what they don't tell you is you will pay 29%-31% interest rate if late or you miss a payment, which most people eventually will. Aspen actually wants patients with no insurance coverage. If they get paid through insurance , they have to accept a pre negotiated fee for each procedure, usually a lot less than the dentist's cash price. Patients with no insurance get charged the full cash price, so you actually are getting charged more for the same procedure than a person who has insurance.

Gets better, all your overpriced procedures will be charged to a credit card in your name , usually at high interest rates. aspen gets the $$$ from the credit card before they even start treatment, you start paying interest the day you sign the loan. You end up losing twice , aspen wins in a big way. Pretty slick on aspen's part.

Do a google search for lawsuits against aspen.

they are endless.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #820992

In the first place, I would not trust a freebie exam to tell you to extract the rest of your teeth. Full dentures should be a last resort.

It is probable that you can save many of your teeth.

Using harvested, sterilized bone in extraction sockets is an accepted technique. Problem is, do the teeth really need to go? That is a decision you should trust to an experienced dentist who is not being pressured by a corporation to hard-sell treatment.

Look, I know you patients think cheap price trumps everything. But it doesn't.

How much money do you save on a cheap service that you really did not need anyway? Honesty and competence should trump everything else when looking for a dentist.

Buddy, forget about going to a corporate chain clinic owned by private equity investors that pressure young, highly-indebted dentists to generate the maximum revenue possible.

Find an honest, experienced dentist who owns the practice in which he works. Those are the guys and gals that have real long-term interest in patient satisfaction.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #820730

Don't go there! They are sales people who sell a terrible product and that would be dentures.

I went there 3 yrs ago for full dentures and I eat with them out. They do not fit and once you have them, Aspen never contacts you again, even though they "care about your mouth". Never once did I receive any type of reminder to have any check up of my mouth and gums once dentures were in.

Please find a "real" dentist. Good luck.

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