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i went to aspen dental and they told me i needed 6,000 worth of work sounds a bit steep i think i need a 2nd opinon on a tooth they say needs pulled if it can be filled i would rather do that i hate to be numb and when i get filling i ususlly do without the novicaine so hope there is hope for my tooth i feel like aspen is just out for money has anyone eles had a issue with aspen telling them something was wrong when it wasnt or making it sound worse then it was

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I don't understand why you are even thinking that a corporate chain clinic owned by investors rather than dentists would be a good place for dental treatment. You won't save money, and you probably won't get competent dental treatment either.


I went to Aspen this morning to have oral surgeon remove piece of tooth dentist extracted 3 months ago. As soon as he entered the treatment room I was in, he immediately gave me novacaine and removed piece of tooth and stitched me up.

10 minutes tops. Get to the front desk and am asked to pay $340! Get bitched by office mgr b/c insurance co. is denying claims they said the would pay for.

Aspen telling me I need to pay that $ because they are a business and need their money! Finally, I go to fill my prescription for my antibiotic. Tell pharmacist I'm allergic to pennicillin and find out the medication prescribed has amoxicillin in it, which is in the same drug family! It is in my dental chart that I'm allergic!

Good thing I asked b/c who would know that Augmentin has amoxicillin in it?

The oral surgeon should have seen that in my chart! All they care about is getting their friggin' money!


Get a second opinion. Even with other dentists, I always get a second opinion.

Especially with Aspen. I went there a while back and the lady barely looked in my mouth and said I have a fungal infection.

They said they would prescribe me with an antibiotic.

Went to my pharmacy, come to find out they never wrote the prescription. I ended up going to my family dentist (WHO DOES NOT DO DENTURES FOR THOSE WONDERING) and she told me there was no fungal infection at all.

to Lucid Nightmare Boise, Idaho, United States #843940

Many private practice dentists do dentures, even if yours doesn't.

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