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Aspen Dental charges me two different bills,, when basically it was on going process . So I have two interest charges .

When I first went there I needed extraction and it went from there. They sent me their Finance person and she got busy placing me with someone (Dental First) to finance the work that had to be done. So I went back for more work and they told me we will this to your current bill not a new one. I went back and their was a new person in Finance., I feel I paid to much and still paying to much.

I pay $130.00 a month for a balance $2,580.00 originally it was $4,000. To much for my pocket and sometimes I pay more. Plus my partials don't fit right.

I am not going back. NOT SATISFED

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Aspen Dental are fleecers. So many things went wrong for my husband and me at this institution that it is truly unbelievable ...


We are a retired couple and now owe thousands to a finance despite my insurance paying thousands already. IT IS A PREDATORY SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!


You want partial dentures that fit right? That will cost you plenty of additional money at a joint like A$pen.

Next time you go to A$pen, there might be ANOTHER new finance person.

Nobody with any ethics and self-respect works for these crooked corporate chop shops for long.

That is why billing is always chaos. Employees are always coming and going.

Some steal patient identities before they leave.

The place is run by Wall Street private equity sleaze instead of licensed dentists. Do you really expect any better?

Next time try a private dentist that owns his own practice.

to Seasoned Dentist #1391848

Seasoned Dentist....I sure hope people read your posts BEFORE they go to Aspen Dental. I had 7 teeth (last of my teeth) pulled by Aspen.

Waited the 6 months for the permanents. Started the process for the permanents. At this point they owe me 1500.00. Full dentures.

I had so many issues with the temporaries. When you try to tell them what the problem is, they either do not listen or have no clue how to fix them. Cut my losses and moved on to a real dentist, owns their own practice. May never receive a refund, we will see.

The time they take to check the fit at a REAL dental establishment is like night and day difference. This is not my first rodeo but I had no idea that there were dentist that work so unethically.

Thank god I have had dentures made before and knew what they were doing was not right. And thank god I did not need their financing!

to Anonymous #1391887

Good to hear of the happy ending to your story. If you only had not lost so much money!

Ask your new dentist about the quantity of bone left in your mouth, particularly on your lower jaw. If marginal, you might ask him about a couple of implants to support the lower denture. Implants help preserve bone. Sometimes I see older denture patients, and they have lost so much bone that dentures don't work anymore.

Once bone is gone, it is next to impossible to regenerate. Do everything you can to preserve the remaining bone, particularly on your lower arch.


Aspen's finance person is usually some bimbo that used to manage the local KFC. They get told to lie and trick every patient they talk to.

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