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This complaint is about Your Aspen Dental Office in Cranberry, PA. My Husband, John Funtal, paid $7,000 in 2015 to have His few remaining teeth removed, which were all abscessed, prior to treating the Cancer on His Vocal Chords with Radiation.

That $7,000 covered removal of teeth, immediate dentures and finally Permanent Dentures. He died on April 7, 2017 without being able to make arrangements for His Permanent Dentures. I asked Nick, the Office Manager, if I could get a new set of Dentures in lieu of the Pre-payment which My husband made and wasn't able to get His Permanent Dentures. Nick said that wasn't possible but that He would allow me to pay Half the cost for a new set of Dentures at a cost of $1,504.00 as a favor to me instead.

I paid on July 18, 2017, have had numerous fittings and the final product is not satisfactory for many reasons. Nick refuses to refund me the $1504 I paid, in spite of Your Money Back Guarantee. Will You intercede for me and have Nick refund me My $1,504. I'm not asking for a refund of My Husband's initial cost, just the $1,504 I have invested in a set of Dentures that they have been unable to make to my satisfaction.

They are not lined up properly. They have only put 12 teeth on the Bottom Denture, and I am unable to eat with them.

Thanks in advance. Marie Funtal 108 Jo Deener Drive Zelienople, PA 16063 E-mail: marijohn@zoominternet.net

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1504.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Cons: Are not honoring their money back guarantee.

  • Bad Aspen Dental Dentures
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Aspen has no decency or mercy on people. Total scammers.



My sympathies on the loss of your beloved husband.

You might not know, but no honest dentist I ever have met bills all the charges up front for dental work that will span a year or more. It is unethical.

We usually only bill and collect money as the treatment is completed. That way, if a patient dies, he has only paid for completed treatment.

The Wall Street Mafia that runs A$pen collects huge money up front, and the result is a financial mess like you are in now. How much easier would it have been if you had the money back your husband prepaid, and could go to any dentist that pleases you!

A$pen doesn't give employee dentists the time they need to do a good job. Their dentists are forced to use the cheapest, crumbiest labs around.

Once they got your money, there is little motivation to make the patient satisfied.

You may have to take this case to court. A$pen rarely refunds any money without being threatened by legal action.

Next time, skip the corporate clinic chop shops. Go to a reputable dentist who owns the practice he works in.