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I rung Aspen on a Thurs had a veery sore tooth. Could not get in until Tues following week.

By Friday i was in so much pain, rung Aspen they got a dentist to ring me and sent a prescription to my pharmasist. Didnt work!!

So saturday i was in so much pain rung again they sent another prescription, still didnt work ( you would think they would have come in)..

By Tuesday i was livered!! to say the least. They gave me a shot ouchh!!

pulled the tooth .

Now i have numb lip ,chin and huge bill.. Not happyyyy chappy

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They aren't going to open their doors just for you. That's typical to call in a rx.

Really, to protect their own butts, they shouldn't call you in anything unless you have been seen. So many people call just trying to get pain medications. You should have gone to the ER.

It costs a lot to just open the doors to a dental office. Would you rather them not have given you the shot and just pulled it?

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