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I made an appointment for my 4 year old because I was told on the phone they take patients 2 yrs and up my son needed a preschool form filled out she couldn't do it because he cried she said he needed to be sedated for a dental cleaning this was terrible if they can't handle children they need not accept them as patients my son will be delayed starting his preschool because I counted on them to do their job now I will be going to a real dentist office to fill out the paperwork which is very basic

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Boise, Idaho, United States #845998

The dental screening required by schools has nothing whatsoever to do with a dental cleaning. My office does school screenings all the time without doing cleanings at the same visit.

A screening is a brief cursory exam of the mouth without benefit of x-rays. This should eventually be supplanted by a complete exam including analysis of growth vectors and future orthodontic needs. Hardly anyone take x-rays of a child this young unless serious problems are noted.

Truth be told, I have had 4-year-olds that were so poorly behaved we could not do cleanings.

Might not have been anything this clinic did wrong.

But when it is all said and done, taking your child to a corporate dental chain clinic was a massive mistake. Take him to a real dentist, as you say, who owns his own practice and has a vested interest in long-term patient satisfaction.

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