Horse Cave, Kentucky
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Well, Here I am posting another complaint about Aspen Dental. I have tried calling their 1-866-273-8606 number to speak with a Ron Haubs and left message.

After speaking with him this week I was told they would refund my money, but not all of it. I was told that I have to pay for extractions that left bone fragments and nerve damage in my mouth. I was just glad to be getting some kind of refund to be able to go somewhere else and get the work I needed. But I tried calling Ron Haubs today of Patient Satisfaction in the corporate office and a recording comes on.

Oh boy this just gets better. Please everyone reading this and thinking of going their for dental work, DON'T Go. Ron Haubs was very nice on the phone and I actually thought for a minute that maybe it was just the Aspen Dental in Bowling Green, Ky that was bad. But they are all connected obviously.

(hence the recordings of leave message) Oh well. I am once again deceived by them. Please heed the warnings people. Don't think that just because they charge a arm and a leg they must be the best.

FALSE. That was my mistake, hoping that spending that kind of money and getting top of the line was my best option. I hope they get their butts into some of these offices and check them. People are people and not just dollar signs.

So thank you Mr.

Haubs, hopefully you will get back to me today. That would be great.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

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