I called to make an appointment. Lost a filling and wasn't in pain.

Asked if I could just come in and get a filling because I was in Florida, and I'm from New York. The answer was yes. I went to the appointment and WHAT A SCAM. First they have you fill out all this paperwork (which is OK), then they take to a room and before even doing anything (not even looking in your month) they what to do panoramic X-rays and full cleaning.

Told them I was just there for an emergency filling. So she leaves to go to the office, comes back and tells me it's would be $174.00. I assume that is a bite wing X-ray and the filling. Dentist comes in for enough time to lower back of chair look in your month 20 second and says you'll need a full cleaning (which was just done on Oct 6th (never asked) and he would get me a price to fill the tooth.

Now I'm really confused, then this young lady comes to the room and says would you follow me to an office.

She tells me it's $174.00 plus $350.00 to fill the tooth. I paid the $174.00 and left.

Will never return and advise others not to.

User's recommendation: Go elsewher.

Location: North Port, Florida

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