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I made an appt because I broke 2 teeth, one lower left molar and one top right molar. Since I am a gov't employee, my insurance covered x-rays and cleaning.

All I got was the x-ray, not the cleaning. I was then taken to a female who does the billing. A young girl in her very early 20's. $1900 was going to be MY co-pay for all of the work I needed.

I was ok with that since I hadn't had any REAL work in just under 26 yrs when I had my daughter. But to be told that I had to pay $500 a tooth to at fixed at the time of work completion, I told her I didn't have. She checked some kind of insurance credit card, that I didn't qualify for, oh, forgot to mention that I just had 2 major surgeries for CANCER on 10/27/17 AND 01/12/18 because the 1st surgery spread and I still owed $1800 in copays from those surgeries. Now, I'm CANCER-FREE!

She made the comment that I should have been going to the dentist every year then I wouldn't be in this situation! I said, well, LIFE happened. She said my parents took me every year and I don't have problems with my teeth. Well good for you lil gurl!

My mom did us 3 girls also, only MY fillings are so old, they are breaking off inside of the tooth which is WHY I'm here. Needless to say, STILL didn't get the services offered for FREE by my insurance, AND I STILL have 2 broken teeth! What I am MOST upset about is the commercial I just saw with a military member who HAD NO INSURANCE, and Aspen Dental had the NERVE to say, "We do ALL we can to help!" AND FIXED HIS TEETH!! NO THEY DON'T!

AT LEAST NOT FOR ME! Now HOW can I get MY broken teeth fixed!!??

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1900.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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My problem. I went for emergency work and received NOTHING, *** THEY were more worried about getting money for the TOTAL treatment instead of doing what was being asked, AND doing the work that came with my insurance!

Even with what they were asking, some of us didn't have the need for dentists because our teeth wasn't a problem until recently. And I most definately don't have $500 per tooth in emergency situations when I pay bills also.

You 2 could have kept your comments to yourself, I pay for my insurance, always have and always have had a job. Is it because the person was a vet, it was ok for them to service him for free?

to Ms. Bankhead #1662440

They treat a veteran or two for free for a PR stunt, and rip off the rest of the vets. I've had plenty of vets come to me from Aspen who have been ripped off.

You are right about one thing. Health providers are always supposed to treat the patient's chief complaint whether it is a toothache or a chipped tooth. Aspen uses every emergency to concoct a colossal, expensive treatment plan, and tries to get the patient to pay for it up front with help from a loan shark. No honest dentist does that.

"Our teetth wasn't a problem until recently." LOL! You thought! In actuality, the decay started a long time ago.

It would have been so much cheaper to treat it back then. That is why preventive dentistry pays off big time.

to Anonymous #1662486

NOW THIS comment I can appreciate. That's all I was upset about.

U charged my insurance but didn't provide the cleaning services I was due but wanted me to pay thru the nose for ththe rest of the work. I would have paid, IF they had just fixed the bad teeth first!!

It's been *** tryna eat!! Thank you!


What is your beef exactly? That you cannot afford the treatment you need?

Why is that the dentist's fault? You are not any victim to speak of!


What you need is not simple. The bottom may need a root canal, post, and crown.

The upper at least a crown. And no telling how much other treatment I cannot see without an x-ray. Treatment costs money, and insurance only pays a portion. That means you have to pay the rest.

Doesn't matter if you maxed out your cards on cancer. You have to pay your portion. If you can't, I guess you will have to get a second job until you save enough money. You are not "entitled" to anyone else's labor.

If you went to an honest dentist instead of a scam operation like A$pen, it is possible they could do a large silver filling on the lower instead of a crown.

As the girl said, you can either maintain your teeth and pay a little each year, or neglect them and pay a lot. You chose the latter course of action, and you will reap your reward.

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