The upper is a partial with the front 4 teeth, the remaining uppers are natural. The lower had all teeth extracted except for eye teeth which lower slips over and locks into position.

Sure it's a lot of work to get dentures but I have no pain, no problem eating or speaking. I think from what I read here is that people don't follow up for the re-lign or soft liner that may need to be installed. These are my temp teeth and I am confident the permanent will be even better. It seems there is one Dentist on this site who loves to Opine to every comment, my advice is to post the name of your practice, I would love to read stories posted about your outstanding service.

I would recommend that you don't back down if you are having a problem, make sure they do what they are supposed to and you will be fine.

I went to the office in Easton, Pa. and they were all Great...Thanks again and feel free to ask any questions you like.

Bill Schieber

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UR one ugly lady

to Anonymous Binghamton, New York, United States #868267

Actually, I think it is a guy.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #863666

Did you not post your case before, using inferior photographs? I could be wrong.

I am glad you are happy so far.

Two canines alone on bottom are really not enough to support a partial denture, unless the roots are very long and the bone is as hard as concrete. With two implants to supplement the canines, you would have a very solid foundation for a partial. The usual protocol, if there are only two canines, is to do an overdenture instead of partial. The absolute best kind is an overdenture is one with some kind of attachments to the tops of the roots.

The soft Cu-sil liner in your partial breaks down over time, and in my experience is not good for long-term use.

It is just an easy thing for young dentists to do.

Nevertheless, I am glad to hear you are happy. Occasionally, even with tremendous pressure upon them, and very mediocre lab work, young dentists working for corporate clinics manage to do a passable job on removable prosthetics.

to Seasoned Dentist #869566

The soft liner is used for comfort while your gums heal, where did you get your license..Wal Mart?

to Anonymous Topeka, Kansas, United States #991779

Patient did not say anything about having a soft liner now, he said something about having it in the future.

He mentioned something about lower "slipping over canine teeth and locking in." As there are no clasps visible, this is likely Cu-Sil. One tooth on either side is not enough to support a partial.

It is only enough to support an overdenture. Let's wait a year or two for patient to lose these two teeth, and see if he is still happy.

Syracuse, New York, United States #863055

We are glad to hear your experience met your expectations. Please send your name and number to the Patient Satisfaction team, so they can get in touch with you.

We would like to highlight your experience with others. Please also, please feel free to call at your earlier convenience: 1-866-986-5337 Thanks, Aspen dental

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