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I call for a clean up. Schedule my appt for a Saturday.

I clearly saidmjust wanted a clean up, no problem with my teeth just Im new in town and was looking for a dentist to get my anual clean up. My appt was at 9:30 so i got there at 9:10 to do any neces. paperwork.. I walk in didnt even hear a Good morning....ok i sign in get some papers to fill out, still no good morning or even a Hello....

ok. I waited and waited.... nobody else is there i asked the guy in the countr if thre were any other patient and he said yes which i think was not true, kedp waiting and suddenly i see the doctor drinking coffe right on my face while im waiting. I think, if you are late to your appt you miss it, but they have the balls to ksep you there waiting without even caring about you having many other things todo, c'mon, that was so dksrespectful, i just got up and walked out.

I was not there for chafity i was paying and besides they said to me that thdey were not doing the clean up cause they needed some xrays and then in a second visit they will do the clean up, why?

To get more money from my insurance. Iwill not recomend aspen in big flats ny to anyone.

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