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Update by user Jan 07, 2015

Its been a while since I updated so here I am!Still without dentures, still having pain.

I had the micro implants removed by a very reputable dentist. I have moved forward with my lawsuit and am waiting to hear back from the Aspen Dental lawyers.

I had also filed a complaint with Massachusetts Health and Human Services Dentistry Licensing Board. I sent many photos as well as what I had experienced.

They took one look at my photos and escalated my complaint. A very nice woman contacted me from the Licensing Board who asked me many questions. I also was informed of more things that the Haverhill Aspen Dental dentist did against dental guidelines. She also neglected to give the licensing committee ALL of my xrays, just like she tried to do to me!

I was told that alone shows her character! My complaint went before a dental peer committee, and it was agreed that they do not want her practicing. The last I heard from the Licensing Board was that she had lawyers trying to fight for her to keep her license. How long can she fight it?

I don't know...I just hope she loses it soon and doesn't hurt anyone else in the meantime!

Update by user Mar 01, 2014

My lawyer has taken my case.He himself is a dentist and knows what he's looking at.

I had also filed a complaint with the Department of Public Health, Division of Health Professions Licensure, Office of Public Protection. I have been in contact with this office, and they have been wonderful. My case has been expedited to go before the dental board for review. At this time I don't dare say to much, but they have given me some reassurance that my claim is legit.

I am anxiously awaiting to see what will happen to her license (License status is currently "probation!").

A even scarier point is, even if her license was taken away, her daughter is practicing under her!Kind of reminds me of a monster movie when you think its over and the monster is gone, but they pan off to a dark corner with a hatchling or baby.

Update by user Nov 23, 2013

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!Just an update on whats going on with me.

After posting my Aspen Dental Nightmare review I actually came into contact with the woman "AnnieFarber" who posted something similar has happened to her(her reply is below my post). We have drawn strength in each other, and we encourage each other to push forward. Her Aspen Dental Nightmare was in Iowa, and mine in New Hampshire. We spend hours online looking up information, and we are still amazed at all the carnage Aspen Dental has been leaving behind, ruining peoples lives!

We have each seen Lawyers. She has been damaged more then I have! Her Lawyer immediately took her case, while I am waiting for my Attorney to review all my dental records and xrays. If he doesn't take my case, I am not going to stop, I will find one that will!

I will update again, once I know I have an Attorney that will take my case(hoping by midweek I'll know).

Meanwhile there is strength in numbers! If anyone in Iowa had an Aspen Dental Nightmare, please send a message to my Facebook friend on the "Aspen Dental Nightmares" page.

Her attorney is looking for more people who want to file a claim against them(Iowa).https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aspen-Dental-Nightmares/213106462203040

Original review posted by user Oct 24, 2013


I had all my teeth removed painlessly there, that is what I gave them the five stars for... but after that it was all down hill once we financed dentures and extended care. I have anxiety problems and have been a bad gagger since childhood and they were reminded of this at every visit! I could not keep the dentures in without gagging.

We were told that in order for the dentures to NOT make me gag, the roof could be taken off, but that would mean I would have to have micro implants, so my dentures could snap in place and not move. Again we were told we would need a better pair of dentures to accommodate the implants, and we financed yet again more work... The day of the implants being put in, I was not medicated properly and voiced my concern that I felt it wasn't working. They told me it was my anxiety!

The first implant was unbelievably painful and I was told it was ghost pain! Needless to say when I left I needed a cold compress for my jaw, and I probably came close to leaving my finger prints permanently imbedded in the chair. My new dentures finally came in, and i went to get fit into the new denture, but two of the implants were still bothering me and I wanted to wait. The dentist decided to go ahead and not engage the two uncomfortable posts.

They ended up gluing those two posts into the dentures and were yanking on them for at least 5 minutes before they realized they were stuck... all the time I was SCREAMING and I was being told it was good they were in so tight that means it was a good fit! It was like getting teeth pulled with no Novocaine! They had to drill holes in my new dentures to get me out.

One implant is now useless from being ground down so much. And one of them is still uncomfortable and its been about a year. I have since seen a new dentist and had a 3D scan of my implants, 2 are almost up into my sinus, some angled incorrectly, and some are not even embedded into bone at all. Needless to say..

I will never step foot in there again!Do NOT be swayed by their free xrays and consultation, its not worth it!

Review about: Aspen Dental Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $12000.


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Does a dental assistant need to do the X-rays. Or can it be the office manager?


Oh Dear God, what a HORRIBLE thing to have to go through!!I hope you and the first writer get everything you are asking for.

I have been approached by two different dentists, and there is NO WAY I will EVER have this done now.

I got chills just reading your story!!Wish you the best!

Centerview, Missouri, United States #1051831

Thanks for taking time to write all this...I can't believe they are doing this.

I was almost got by them.

to jay Copperas Cove, Texas, United States #1323216

I got screwed out of $1400.00 at the Killeen, TX office.Was told I needed a root canal and new crown so I agreed to it cost $2400.00.

Which I now know I could have gotten at a reputable Dentist for $ 1795.00.

But the issue is first the Dentist said he could save tooth after he removed the old crown the cavity was small he could fix it and put new crown. Sounded good. But first crown he put in chipped first night, so go back he hammers and chisels it out almost broke jaw. Put another crown in, in about 6 weeks I had swollen jaw, gums under tongue look like I had golf ball in jaw severe pain so I called on Friday morning was told couldn't see me until following week.

I said NO my tooth is assess, I have to see someone today, was told someone would me back, didn't so about 2:00 pm severe pain all this time, I called the emergency line, Dr called me back and called in some antibiotics said come in following morning, I did, xrayed tooth and said you gonna have to get root canal, but Im sending you to specialist. So I spent $ 1400.00 for nothing but pain and misery now got to pay someone else to fix my tooth. $2,000 more. I have asked for refund of my money have not received it.

But will pursue it further if needed.


Florissant, Missouri, United States #972190

Jut went yesterday to the Bridgeton, MO location for the free x-rays and consult.They want $2000 for a cleaning, two fillings, sedation, and surgical extraction of my two impacted wisdom teeth (which of course will be done by an oral surgeon who is not based at their location).

I was going to follow through with letting these people drain my money from me...of which I have very little already. I am a single 21 year old full time college student with no insurance...so of course their "payment plans" (aka financing with insane interest rates) seemed attractive, as well as necessary.

I'm so very happy I did my research before paying them a dime.I cannot believe they are allowed to continue practicing under their current business structure.

to JordanMarie Topeka, Kansas, United States #1260092

They are practicing illegally in Missouri to start with.State law requires dentists to own practices.

A$pen's work-around is to have the dentist own a "shell corporation" which owns nothing, but gives A$pen the right to "manage" his practice in perpetuity.

That is the scam that A$pen and other predatory corporate dental chains play around the country.

Board of dentistry can only discipline dentists.They cannot discipline executives and investors who are not dentists.

Zephyrhills, Florida, United States #930528

I thank God I chose not to proceed with their services for my daughter! I had a bad feeling and cancel all further appointments. Only thing they did was xray and the examine.

to sara #930697

You are a very smart person. Share the word. Down with aspen.

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #906138

Bad or faulty implant work can be devastating to the patient.It means you can't wear the denture and have no teeth.

I've worked in law firms as a paralegal and have seen it first hand. There have been attempted suicides over bad implants.

Not having teeth and having chronic severe pain in your mouth is devastating physically, psychologically and emotionally.These people should sue and win punitive damag

to Angela Phoenix, Arizona, United States #972246

Everything you say here is true including the attempted suicide I did win my case but I settled out of court because ,although my lawyers thought my attempt might help my case...Aspen Dentals lawyers dug deep into my past trying to see what other problems I have had unrelated to my teeth and my lawyers said they would pick me about on the stand and they were worried I wasnt strong enough..which I wasnt.So I settled..so Please if you do go to lawyers be strong..be proud of what you are doing, bringing this company down..helping yourself to get better..As of today 4 years later I am still hurting..even tho I won my case my lawyers took half and the repairs I need are way above what I won from the courts.

Dont settle fight for yourself.

I am now close to the mexican boarder where a wonderful dentist who I have heard about Dr.Martinez in Naco who I hope will be able to help me..for less money ...money that we dont have..sold our house and everything in it and bought a Rv to live in and travel..which I am enjoying but wish I cold enjoy all the different foods and wear my teeth and go

places..but the pain is to intense to be out for long. I am hoping he has a payment plan as we are living only on my husbands Retirement and my small business I do from the Rv.

So please pray for me and my husband who has endured all this with me that we can get things right for me again.

I am not allowed to mention Aspen Dental so I am anonymous now, but

I was a heavy poster in this discussion and Aspen Dental Nightmares on facebook..Please do your research..get 2nd opinions..I didn't even have to have my teeth taken out ..bridge work would of worked great..but I was *** and took their words They were DRs after-all. Even tho I found out later mine was fresh out of school.

We used there care credit program which is now also in a Civil Law suit..because we didnt have insurance. Still havent heard if I will be or my mother who was the main name on the card mine was second awarded any money.

Just be aware if you do go take notes get everything they say in writing..begin a journal.things I should of done and it would of been easier for me to win my case on facts other than the fiction Aspen Dental Lawyers were trying to make surface.


You are whats wrong with this country!You make me sick.

I hope your lawyer charges you thousands and thousands of dollars for your bs lawsuit that you will never see a dime from.But het you can always just sue someone else to make your living .

to Disgusted #802295

you are a sad person who could respond with a comment like that..this person was wronged by a company who should not be allowed to do what oral surgeons should do..they are not qualified,.who only are out to get there daily quota as far as money for the company,, a company who gives incentives and bonuses for meeting those goals..Please dont make this kind of assumption with out good knowledge of what you are saying..there are many Aspen Dental victims out there.read up on there stories before you comment on this.

Or maybe you are the dentist who did this to her...retaliating you certainly are not a person with compassion.

to Disgusted Beaverton, Oregon, United States #906140

So "Disgusted", I take it you work for Aspen?!

to Angela Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1322287

Yes, I do work for aspen dental. Why do you people feel the need to come here and tell the truth. It is hurting my paycheck.

to Disgusted #1034491

This comment must have been written by an Aspen Dental dentist!!!


I pray that you get well soon! thanks for sharing... I will NEVER set foot at aspen


That place is a total scam job..I went in there on a Mon because of tooth pain..they examined me and said they could Pull it Fri..then they send you into the finance man who immediately wants you social security number so he can see if you get credit....I never went back and had my regular dentist pull it the next day..no problem.@ weeks later I get a $2000 charge on a credit card..they said they were charging me in advance for procedures they would be doing :( ..IT took 1 week to get this all straightened out and I would never recommend that place to anyone!!

to lillibird #1315674

No honest dentist ANYWHERE bills the procedures before they are actually done. That is clear FRAUD!

West Burlington, Iowa, United States #734236

Aspen Dental is not a good place DO NOT go there..Ruined my life !!!!!!!

:( oh my god.. this is exactly what happened to me... they pulled 15 teeth and slapped on some temporary dentures that made me gag and would not stay in.. they kept putting soft liners in.. so i waited almost a year for my permanent dentures and when i was about to get them i saw there ad for implants... i was asking about it and they said yes those would be good for you .. they had not applied a 2500.00 credit to care credit the financing i found out...( i had the credit due to the fact that i found out that my teeth when they removed them didnt have to be surgically removed..they came out easily.. they had mentioned the credit that might happen afterwards to the account when we first started the process of getting dentures. that credit was not applied to care credit for almost 6 months.. and we found out about it when i asked if my teeth had to be surgially removed and they said no none of the did.. 6 months of them not applying the credit to care credit I dont know who is to blame for that... ) okay so back to the implant discussion when i was talking to them she was already getting it set up for them and i said wait we have a credit of 2500.00 and some odd cents that we could use for this right? Since we had paid off the balance due way before we found out that we had a credit. I am sorry that this bounces around so much.. so much to tell about my experience,,

So anyway my xrays were up and i knew that i had alot of bone loss. so I HAd to ask them did i have enough bone on the top for implants.. and after i was already set up for an appt the dentist came in and saw that indeed i did not have enough bone at the top.. so they took that off...and they were only going to be able to do the bottoms...so the appt lady.. finiance lady i dont know what she was... she was so fast in getting it all in the computer.. it was like yeah. i am on a commision and i scored with this patient..

So i asked then the credit that we should of gotten can go towards this procedure she said.. I would not owe anything..I thought it was wierd.. i mean is my money just out there in aspen dental land somewhere and could be applied to this procedure but yet it couldnt be applied to care credit? anyway that was a nightmare.. and i figured if i can get my teeth to stay in it will be worth it...so everything was taken care of for the implants..

I have panic attacks horrible and take an ativan one hour before appt 10 minutes before appt and have an extra one if i need it during appt.. well i waited to long the 2 i took didnt do much so they told me take the 3rd one.. i dont even remember walking back to the procedure room.. all i remember is i woke up in the back set of our car screaming because it hurts so bad... they didnt tell my family anything only for me to keep my temp dentures in.. he was so frantic with my pain that he didnt hear to much they were saying....

I was in so much pain for about 3 days.. then i started to feel less and less pain... but i noticed that the implants one was in crooked... and my gums were so inflamed ( i also had gum disease) and a episode of facial cellulitis that i was hospitalized with after i went to them for a bad tooth problem before i even thought about dentures..) I dont know how you get facial cellulitis but that pain was worse than having a baby..i was in the hospital for 3 days hooked up to antibotics that had to be given intravenously every 4 hours.

So i healed a bit with the implants.. my temps dentures were all so ill fitting with the implants i had to put over them as i wasnt healing right and i had to get a cleaning.. on my implants.. another appt i dont remember. and we had no more info as to what we should do... only my next appt to get my permanent dentures in 6 months after i had healed completely.. by this time i was wanting food solid food. meat.. meat.. i needed protein.. i was living on mashed potatoes and creme of wheat and yogurt,,

Finally my teeth were ready...the crooked implant would be fine they said the implants have a 30% rotation room.. something like that... oh my god when i was told to snap on ,y bottom teeth it hurts so bad i was crying even with being all doped up..... and then they had me try to get them off.. i could not and i was in so much pain.. finally they gave me another ativan to calm me down.. i was told to go home i wasnt healed enough so another month and we tried again..finally they were okay.. but i clanked when i moved my mouth. these didnt feel like my teeth i had in these were really bad.. they removed them and put in again.. i dont know if they had mistakenly put someone elses teeth in me.. but these were bareable and i was told that it would take time to get used to them.. i mentioned there nap on teeth ad where people could go out and eat right afterwards.. well not everyone they said... it has been 2 years now and i still cant eat meat.. i have to use fixodent on my uppers to keep them in place.. but food still get underneath.. what food i can eat. i cant eat lettuce it feels like paper in my mouth i cant chew i have no ridges on my teeth.. i know i should go back to them for cleaning that they said i need every 3 months on my implants.. but i cant go near there anymore...they sent me out of there with some prescription mouth wash and a special tooth brush..that they charge me 41.00 for.. when i was told everything was paid for due to the credit not being applied to CARE CREDIT... Do NOT use CARE CREDIT.. it is so messed up..dont fall for procedures they say you can have done..

I should of realized this when a dentist i went to years ago and he said he would bankrupt me with everything i needed done.. and said i should go to Iowa City College of Dentistry and be able to make payments according to my income... but magically ASPEN DENTAL could do this for me.. what can you do after your teeth are all pulled.. you have to have faith in them.. but as soon as i found out they didnt credit our account or didnt apply the 2500 to the credit card.. we didnt know anything about it until i bought up the question were my teeth surgially removed.. and after hearing "oh no they werent" magically i had enough money for these implants but they were going to do the top also until i asked the dr.. the woman was already getting my appt ready for top and bottom.. and dr said no tops.. but bottoms.. well after 2 years of not being able to eat what i love only mush... because i cant chew...anything i take the smallest of bites..So I havent been back.. i could not understand my aspem dental dentist.. and he thought i was a big baby..."Mite and Mile mite and mile..." he was saying to me.. what ????? i couldnt they had given me the wrong teteth to put in my mouth...it was a friggin nightmare.. and I wish i knew how I could report them and all the trouble i had with them.. they also said i was owed 230.00 and they were going to send us a check.. it never came and they said oh we credited care credit..it was never done.. and we haven.t paid the 41.00 we owe for the special toothbrush to use on my implants or the mouth wash.. something is not right with this company.. and i think All about eyes and ASpen Dental and Care Credit are in this together ,, they are corrupt or something... not good business for sure..

I hope Someone else will let me know if you hear of a class action suite against them or Care Credit... Because i have a case.....

Carole Farber :(

my costs 8500.00 for dentures

2500.00 for bottom implants 6 of them

to anniefarber Boston, Massachusetts, United States #735608

They were supposed to pull ALL my teeth and before they put implants in, I noticed a lump on the outside of my gums and I showed it to them.They did a xray and found out it was a wisdom tooth.

Its not through the skin, but you can see the actual shape of the tooth on the side of my gums. And they still put implants in without removing that tooth! That was another mistake they did. We were not given any other alternatives for teeth!

Since my visit with my new dentist, he said there were other alternatives then micro implants.. I didn't have to have a mouth full of metal! My new dentist also said he could have used the first pair of dentures I got, but Aspen said we needed another paid..more money for them. My new dentist also said that if I went through and used the implants that within 6 months they would probably fall out because they are not imbedded properly!

He (my dentist) was so mad he actually used the word "Malpractice. If I smile big, I can feel my gums pulling over the implants, and its not really painful, but uncomfortable. From time to time I have pain, especially from the implant that was the loosest. When putting in the implants, she only took an xray of one implant....and its the one that bothers me the most and the one that is almost NOT in any bone...

and she had to have known this.... why else would she xray only one implant..and it be that one?! They are out for your money and nothing else!!

Carole I wish you the best!!!!!Nobody deserves to be treated the way we were!

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