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I’d leave no stars if possible !! Aspen Dental is TOTALLY Deceptive about free first visit & xrays; deceptive about in network discounts!

I prepaid $1085.00 & then another $43.00 which I was billed from their corporate office. Now they’re saying another $807.00! That is anything but close as they had assured me it would be, but the total on the page balanced out to a zero. They blame my insurance, but the insurance stated they had reached the benefit limit.

The first filling, the doctor kept drilling on me even after I told her twice I was in bad pain! No apologies either! Also, while I sat in the chair on the visit after that, she remarked “I could tell from the very first time that he was going to be a problem!” Her assistant agreed; I’m shocked because I was just sitting in the chair while they were doing the procedure!

Initially, I thought they were so nice, professional, honest and affordable! However, with all these negative actions, deceptive billing and overcharging, I’m now seriously regretting that I ever even considered them!

They’ve been sued for deception in other locations and it all sounds very familiar! It was on the news in 2012.

Check YouTube! I DON’T recommend this place to anyone!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Crown Services.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Yep, what you say is typical of what I hear from my ex-A$pen patients.My only comment is you should know your insurance and be aware when you are approaching you maximum. Yearly maximums are pretty low and don't go very far these days.You don't want to hear this, but it is the truth.

If you select dentists base on them being "in-network" your insurance company, you get dentists that are bottom-of-the-barrel.

Typically crooks are the only ones who can make money treating patients on these plans. Thus you get scammers like A$pen on your plan.

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