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I went in to Aspen dental last night for the consultation and I let them know BEFORE treatment that I have had horrible past experiences and that I was very nervous. I was taken back by a technician (very nice girl) explained what would occur and then left in the room. When the doctor first walked in she said "What's wrong with you?" I was taken aback but proceeded to explain my situation. She quickly said ok, now were going to do your x rays. I was taken into a another room for the x rays by the friendly technician. As she was taking the pictures I could hear audible gasps and laughter from the staff on the outside of the room reviewing my films. I was humiliated! I went back into the room with tears in my eyes waited for the doctor. When she came in she started the exam and was so forceful and quick I didn't even review my X Rays with her. The office "Manager" Marc had to show them to me in the office later on. I should have said more to her at the time, but I was shocked that this was even a professional environment.

She left me quickly and told me the office manager would come see me. In walks Marc "the interim office manager" He started to explain partials to me and then turned to his computer for price quotes. I was told I am in need of two partials and that the cost would be over $8000.00 I have the print out. I then called my spouse into the office, because I could not contain my tears at this time. When my spouse came in, Marc said you saw your x rays right? It's pretty awful, sorry to be so blunt. I said no and that's when he pulled them up on the screen. I asked about my other options and he would not discuss anything but extractions and partials. I told him I need to think things over and left the office visibly shaken.

Oh and I found out in the Office that my visit would not be free, but $183 because I DO have a dental insurance plan.

Overall experience was: HUMILIATING!

I will be seeking a second opinion on my dental work and I WILL NOT go back to ASPEN or recommend to anyone, not even my worst enemy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Monetary Loss: $183.

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