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Started on 2015 untill last try to resolve this issue early 2017.I was lied to.Not one thing i wanted done was done.Almost 10.000 later i suffer mouth pain.swollen lips.bledding gums...and more.I have become depressed so mych so that i dont want to go out.Its the ugliest good God.sick..problems with stomach because i can not chew..i gag.awful liers..many hungry..not dentists at all.they made a fool out of me.

Review about: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't worry , the dentist at aspen dental have all considered committing suicide multiple times while working there with those scam artist. They will be scarred for life for acting like this to patients there.


Only the most desperate dentists will work for a joint like A$pen. Dentist who cannot get a job anywhere else.

A$pen is the bottom of the barrel for dentists and dental hygienists.

Who wants to work for a flim-flam outfit for low pay, where office managers instead of dentists dictate treatment for patients, based on the prospect of a monthly bonus?

Don't know what you had done, but not many procedures are done competently at this clown club. Before you despair further, get a consult appointment with a competent, experienced dentist in private practice. Have him document any harm done to you, so you may build a case against A$pen. But I am warning you, getting a refund for anything done incompetently is virtually impossible.

It will take at least a year, if it happens at all. This corporate crime syndicate is strapped for cash, and not likely to give you any of it back.

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