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DONT EVER USE ASPEN DENTAL. This location takes advantage of anyone who doesn't have a medical degree.

They suggest over priced, unnecessary procedures that would never be needed unless your health was already extremely poor. Trying to make patients to agree to a course of Arestin is a serious red flag: they wanted $2000 for this immensely unnecessary procedure, instead of less than $200 for a regular cleaning - and they wanted a $800 deposit before contacting insurance!!!! This is because the "doctors" here are attempting to get profit out of those who dont know a lot about dentistry or thier health. The people who work here have no problem taking advatage of anyone they think they can.

They are not legitimate dentists, they are sales people - worse than any used care salesman ever has been.

DEMAND a refund if they took your money, they know what kind of scam they run and fold when questioned. I hope the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Protection Board take them down - they need to be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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A$pen does a transformation process on every new dentist it employs. A$pen takes bright young dental graduates, extracts all their ethics, and transplants a selling personality into them.You are right about Arrestin.

There is scant evidence that the routine use of Arrestin does much more than normal cleanings and/or scaling and root planing.As you know, the biggest A$pen scam is upgrading regular cleanings to 4 quadrants of scaling and root planings. Just to filch more money out of patients. A few patients, however, really have pockets and subgingival tartar and do need scaling with anesthesia.The dentists at A$pen are licensed. Even a *** clinic chain like A$pen would not risk employing unlicensed dentists in their offices.

The liability would be too high.The only people that could put an end to A$pen's scams is your state attorney general. Get everybody to know to demand your state's AG shut this chain of corporate chop shops down.

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