Aspen dental rips people off they take your money and try to get you to buy more services without actually providing the service you asked for. I made an appointment at Aspen for a cleaning....they never cleaned his teeth at all but they told him about all the future work he was going to need.

They ran my insurance to see how much they could get from us for services and wanted to make more appointments for more services without actually ever cleaning his teeth....which was what we asked to be done....they took an x ray and found nothing wrong so they put together a treatment plan based on root planing and perio treatments without cleaning his teeth.

Don't you think you should start with cleaning off the plaque before determining the need for root planing. They told me on the phone the appointment was for a cleaning but I assure you he left there with no less plaque on his teeth just less cash in his wallet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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I would not recommend Aspen Dental to my worse enemy. They advertise that they are a complete place for all dental needs yet they can't extract teeth, do root canals, extentions for crowns or anything except clean and routine work. They tell you that you must have all of this work done but when getting a second opinion it was found that that wasn't true.

They are just awful and care about only the money they are making.

Stay away from them!!!!


This company is not only made up pathological liars, they have charged my insurance company for work they never did, hmmm, does that constitute insurance fraud? The office staff is the most unprofessional, and incompetent bunch of individuals I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. From not returning calls, to their lack of caring and concern for their patients, this company needs to pack it in and let professionals handle dental care.

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