Called to see if they would do an emergency tooth extraction. Girl said sure we do, took some of my information and told me to be there in 1/2 hour.

I go in they do a complete set of x-rays, the dentist comes in says I grind my teeth, need a night guard, I have some bone loss, need to have them scrapped. I said, can we please get on with the reason I'm here - I need this tooth taken out. She said sure, the assistant will take you out front to sign the paperwork. I get out front and they want to charge me $315.00 for the visit and schedule an appointment in 5 days to have the tooth taken out!

I said to the girl, when I called I said I needed an emergency tooth extraction and you scheduled me to come right in. She said "I'm sorry you have to go through the new patient visit first". I said, If I could wait till next Tuesday, I would have gone to my own oral surgeon and not come here. All she could say was "I'm sorry" and tell me I owe $315.00 for a co-pay!

They did NOTHING! This place is nothing but a scam!

I can't believe what they get away with...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Emergency Service.

Monetary Loss: $315.

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