I need a repair on a denture that I purchased from Aspen Dental... When I went to the office, the said that I had to make an appointment to see the doctor for an exam...

Why do I need an exam to get a repair on an already existent denture. This is a complete rip off..

I might of fell for this trickery if the said that I needed to see the doctor afterwards to assure a good fit.. Please help me get my denture repaired without paying a unnecessary fee..

Peace n Blessings

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Demand that aspen fixes your denture or take a dump right there in aspen's waiting room floor. They are full of shaat anyway.


Hey chick! You are not bringing back a defective lawn mower to Home Depot for repair.

You are bringing a denture MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU to a health care practice. You didn't "purchase" a denture like you purchase a dress from Macy's. You had a CUSTOM PROSTHETIC fabricated for YOUR mouth. Big difference!

(Although if you went to a joint like Aspen, I doubt it was ever constructed very well.) There is a REASON why a dentist needs to see the pieces in your mouth. And that is, to determine who well the pieces fit your ridge. Because one of the main reasons dentures break is that they don't fit the ridge accurately. If that is the case, the proper procedure is to lute the halves together, then RELINE the denture in the lab.

Just joining the two halves together will result in another fracture soon. Also, there are sometimes dimensional changes after a denture is mended and/or relined. It is necessary to check it in the patient's mouth AFTER repair as well. By the way, every denture patient needs a back-up denture in case of emergency, just like every policeman needs a back up sidearm.

Darn, denture patients are such cheapskates! Is it any wonder they lose their teeth to begin with?

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