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Fourth and Final Page call center tried the Doctor on call directly @ 4:00 am Saturday, November 1st and there was no answer.

She then informed me that theres was no longer anything she could do for me my options were to go to the ER, Urgent Care, or call back during business hours...

Some After Hours Emergency Line outstanding customer service aspen...

Original review posted by user Nov 01, 2014

My husband called me on his lunch break and asked me to make him an appointment to have a tooth pulled. I called and he had his tooth pulled @ 3:00 on Thursday October 30, 2014. The doctor told him that since the tooth was the source of infection he would not need any antibiotics and was only given Norco for pain.

Needless to say when he woke up Friday October 31, 2014 for work his entire left side of his face all the way down his jawline and into his neck is swollen 3 times as it was when he laid down for bed.

I called Aspen at 1:00 pm Friday the 31st and seriously had to plead with the dentist to please fax some type of antibiotic to our pharmacy. I explained to him that my husband's face and neck was severely swollen and the pain he is having is beyond that of your typical extraction.

He insisted that this swelling is normal and that he didn't need antibiotics because the tooth was gone. After a few more minutes of explaining his symptoms they finally agreed to fax the prescription for him. I gave them the name of the pharmacy as well as the phone number. Thanked them and hung up.

Well several hours later, I called my pharmacy to find that they never sent anything for my husband...

Who as of right now cannot move his neck and has a temperature and feels weak and faint...

I am so angry and I would like some advice as to what I should do from here...I called the emergency line 4 times and was hung up on at least one time on purpose, put on hold and the call was disconnected once. And am currently waiting for a call back from a Doctor supposedly within a 20 min time frame, I'm not going to hold my breath though.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: medical neglect .

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Pros: Holly.

Aspen Dental Cons: Not getting appropriate medication, Left with a serious infection, Being lied to.

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If a simple extraction is not surgery, why is it taught in oral SURGERY courses?


Aspen loves to stick it to people and then laugh at them.


There is a reason that aspen dental has over 3,000 complaints. Aspen is well known for sticking pain to people to gain money in aspen's own wallets.


It is 4,000 complaints now! We are proud of our scams and shams, Love Aspen dental!

@AspenDental public relations

It's over 4,500 complaints now. Aspen should win a national award for fastest scam artist.


Another life ruined by aspen dental. Will you ever quit torturing the innocent people who walk in your office Aspen dental? I hope his soul rests in peace.


Aspen dental does not give a flapp about what happens to people. To understand why Aspen dental is successful just talk to an employee of aspen.

If you work there, you will hear management openly laughing about how dumb they consider Nascar fans to be. Why do they plaster the aspen advertisement all over Nascar cars? Aspen will openly tell you that they consider nascar fans perfect suckers. Most nascar fans haven't been to the dentist in a long time and usually have some sort of income that will allow aspen to open a credit card for them.

A perfect setup for aspen dental. They get to run up a huge list of treatment mostly not needed then talk the nascar fan into a huge credit card bill. All the while aspen dental is smiling and acting like they actually want to help.

The only reason you pull a trick like that is you consider the other person too dumb to figure it out. So all you nascar fans out there know than aspen dental considers you DUMB SUCKERS and openly laughs at you.


Thank god I’m Reading all these reviews So I don’t waste my money on *** surgery like sono Bello.Thanks to all of you who post the negative results


Disastrous. Young new dentist was determined to sell us dentures.

We told him we already had that arranged. We needed a simple tooth extraction done that day because the tooth chipped and was cutting the inside of my husband's mouth. He wasted 3 hours of our time , refused to extract the tooth, sanded the tough edges off.

This cost $125. Never again with that rotten company and dentist.

@Gene Woolever

What happened is the recent young graduate was afraid of tackling a big molar extraction on a guy, but still wanted to earn a commission doing something. No desperate patient goes uncharged for anything at this dental clinic chain.

Charging people is what they are good at. Actually helping people is the last thing they get right.


Your husband sounds like a good man. I hope his time on earth let him have a full life. Down with aspen dental.


Dam that *** looked bad.


that is what happens when you go to aspen dental.


Hope your husband rests in peace. We continue to pray for you and your children. Screw aspen dental.


Had exam. Went great.

Was told i would given a narrative copy of what needed done. Was too busy of a backlog in their office with billing person who took more time with patients explaining everything than the patients ever spent for their exam. So, Lied to. Also said would contact me, but never called.

Been like 4 months now.

Skilled, but waste of time. Just money-grubbers.


Nothing at aspen dental is great. Look at what happened to this man. Run far away!


I know this was a long time ago but I hope you got a good settlement from aspen dental. Your husband was a good man and may he rest in peace.

If aspen dental had any human decency at all, they would offer to pay for the upkeep and flowers at his grave site for the rest of your life. All our prayers are with you.


It still happens every day to someone at aspen dental. They sucker and scam people to horrible degrees. Aspen wants your money at any cost to your health.


It sounds to me that for what ever reason this individual did no have prescription writing abilities! because it is standard for a dentist, orthodontist etc.

to prescribe anti-biotics for an abscess infection. It is neglectful best bet would be to go to ER.


Perhaps you ppl should try and understand the danger we are all in. Now when I say this you guys will say "BS".

But we as a species are running more and more into superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics.

So more and more medical professionals are NOT giving out antubiotics and allowing your own body to fight off the infection. To you it may not seem fair but allowiing your body to fight off the infection helps to make your immune system stronger.