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Fourth and Final Page call center tried the Doctor on call directly @ 4:00 am Saturday, November 1st and there was no answer.

She then informed me that theres was no longer anything she could do for me my options were to go to the ER, Urgent Care, or call back during business hours...

Some After Hours Emergency Line outstanding customer service aspen...

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My husband called me on his lunch break and asked me to make him an appointment to have a tooth pulled. I called and he had his tooth pulled @ 3:00 on Thursday October 30, 2014. The doctor told him that since the tooth was the source of infection he would not need any antibiotics and was only given Norco for pain.

Needless to say when he woke up Friday October 31, 2014 for work his entire left side of his face all the way down his jawline and into his neck is swollen 3 times as it was when he laid down for bed.

I called Aspen at 1:00 pm Friday the 31st and seriously had to plead with the dentist to please fax some type of antibiotic to our pharmacy. I explained to him that my husband's face and neck was severely swollen and the pain he is having is beyond that of your typical extraction.

He insisted that this swelling is normal and that he didn't need antibiotics because the tooth was gone. After a few more minutes of explaining his symptoms they finally agreed to fax the prescription for him. I gave them the name of the pharmacy as well as the phone number. Thanked them and hung up.

Well several hours later, I called my pharmacy to find that they never sent anything for my husband...

Who as of right now cannot move his neck and has a temperature and feels weak and faint...

I am so angry and I would like some advice as to what I should do from here...I called the emergency line 4 times and was hung up on at least one time on purpose, put on hold and the call was disconnected once. And am currently waiting for a call back from a Doctor supposedly within a 20 min time frame, I'm not going to hold my breath though.

Reason of review: medical neglect .

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Pros: Holly.

Aspen Dental Cons: Not getting appropriate medication, Left with a serious infection, Being lied to.

Location: Goshen, Indiana

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If he was that infected he should have been taken to the ER of the closest hospital. There's no shame in going there if he needed it.

I had a wisdom tooth extraction and just told to bite down on a gauze. I woke up in the middle of the night soaked in blood and that's because I'm on blood thinners. Blood was everywhere so we called a private ambulance company and the ER nurses and doctors were very nice and eventually stopped my bleeding inside my mouth.

I felt like a baby going there but they didn't make me feel like a crybaby. I went home 2 hours later.


If all the people that had dental infections went to the ER, all the ERs in the USA would be swamped. Going to the ER just because one has a dental infection would be ridiculous.

Anyone on anticoagulants should go off them for a couple of days before extractions.

I refuse to do extractions all the time because of this. Moral of the story is to take good care of your teeth if you are on serious meds.


Similar situation for me. Exposed root, infection, teeth extracted, had to request antibiotics before leaving.


Exposed root is what caused me to lose my tooth……..well when the dentist instructed his hygienist to seat and seal a permanent crown over an nerve my poor tooth never stood a chance. Since Aspen Dental gets away with their smash and grab crimes my only legal way to vent my frustration was to create Boycott Aspen Dental.

I hope your situation improves. Stop by and say hi on Facebook.

We are the “real” ADMI lol. Aspen Dental Mass Invasion; TAG You’re It!


I have to have antibiotics before I went because of the blood thinner I'm on. They won't take me if I forget to take them.


Being on blood thinners has nothing at all to do with needing antibiotics. People with artificial joints and heart valves need to premedicate. Also those with compromised immunity.


They shouldn't have even pulled his tooth while it was infected! He should have been given antibiotics first, then had the tooth pulled the next week when the infection was gone.!! Sounds like negligence to me.

@Myrical Ejs

*** This is an old wife's tale. The fastest way to get rid of an infection is remove the source of the infection.


The best way to treat an infection was to take arythmotricyn 2 hours before the extraction. When I got there they asked me if I medicated and I said yes and she went to work right away and before you know it, the tooth was gone and so was the infection.


There is no antibiotic called arythmotricyn. Erythromycin is a weak antibiotic that stops reproduction, but does not kill bacteria. The infection would have cleared after extraction whether you had antibiotics or not.

@Myrical Ejs

You are full of disinformation, lady. I have done oral surgery for 43 years.

The quickest way to relieve an infection is remove the source of the infection. Meaning extract the tooth, or start a root canal. This is another reason why it is wiser to save teeth.

Stupid rednecks always want them pulled, and often have problems like this guy. That being said, Aspen is probably the last corporate gyp joint anyone should patronize.

@Myrical Ejs

You don't know what you are talking about. In an infection, extracting the tooth to let the pus drain is the quickest way to get a patient to full recovery. Sure wouldn't let a bunch of shysters at Aspen do it, however.


File a complaint with your state department of health. Most Aspen offices have only one dentist over seeing the practice, who may r may not actually see a patient.

They must provide direct oversight for all patients, and are responsible for things like this.

This is blatant negligence, ad in most cases they would give you antibiotics to clear the infection before getting the extraction so as not to infect the bone. FOLLOW UP with those complaints, folks!


Yep, they suck big ones.


Wow Aspen Dental!! Aspen dental has over 4,100 complaints on this site alone with over 950,00 views at this date.

Must be a world record for just a dental chain, and that's just on this one complaint site. The other complaint sites are crammed with thousands of other complaints/lawsuits/heart aches against aspen dental.

How is this place still open. If the world was right, asspen dental would have all its offices shut down.


Yeah, scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just type in Aspen dental complaints into google and you will get 1.6 million hits, no lie, try it. Aspen dental is the king of dental horror stories.


We are the Champions! Nobody else can come close to our scam success stories!

Our secret?

Some people believe any advertisement they see on TV! - Aspen Dental


Because complaining here does nothing. You must file complaints with state department of public health.

You can also try the ADA to complain. Most people assume the person working on them is actually a dentist. At most Aspen's there is only one over-seeing dentist on site, who often fails to be present in the room while technicians do the work. If you think this happened to you, file a complaint in your state , that cites failure to oversee the work being done.

It is not enough to be on site, the dentist must actually be in the room while the extended work is being done by the technicians. You can also file malpractice law suits against dentists fr negligence.


You are invited to join Boycott Aspen Dental today! Search online Aspen Dental WMD.

The one thing we have in common is we have both been hit. I am $11,000 injured by Aspen Dental. Last week my dentist FINALLY finished all treatment related to the injury I sustained by Aspen Dental April 2017 that I had to cover on my own (unless I wanted half of damages they caused. 5k to go away?

NO WAY ADMI). Still without a front tooth tho. Aspen Dental won that round, but never will I stop screaming out, "Stay Safe; Stay AWAY From Aspen Dental!

Aspen Dental uses weapons of mass destruction! ADMI let's see who gets the last laugh.

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